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Human Trafficking

Alliance to End Slavery & Trafficking

The ATEST is a group founded by Humanity United, consisting of twelve member organizations. ATEST organizations vary in type, and include non-profits, activist groups, and other humanitarian organizations all working towards the common goal of ending human trafficking and modern-day slavery around the world.

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One staggering fact greets you at the top of ATEST’s website: more people are enslaved today than have ever been before in human history. People are bought and sold through sex-trafficking networks worldwide and held in never-ending debt repayment, among other forms of forced labor. The ATEST website offers some ideas on how to get involved and support anti-slavery and human trafficking-related policy.


Keep up-to-date on ATEST news and activity. ATEST’s member organizations are making an impact against slavery and trafficking operations around the world.

Apne Aap Women Worldwide

Apne Aap began as a united group of twenty-two women from the red light district of Mumbai, India who sought to use their collective agency to change their lives. These women were originally the subjects of journalist Ruchira Gupta’s, Apne Aap Founder and Executive Director, Emmy Award-winning film, The Selling of Innocents. Now the efforts of Apne Aap have an impact on over 10,000 women. The Apne Aap mission is very straightforward: The “Mission is to increase choices for at-risk girls and women in order to ensure access to their rights, and to deter the purchase of sex through policy and social change” ( The organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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Apne Aap has an established internship program for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as job opportunities. Apne Aap is also looking for people to take up the cause of their current “Cool Men Don’t Buy Sex Campaign”. Learn more about the campaign here. Consider donating to Apne Aap. You can also sign their current petition against police corruption and harassment.


In early 2012, Storm Warriors International made a personal visit to multiple Apne Aap organizational locations in India, and can personally vouch for the work being done there. Apne Aap fights sex trafficking by acknowledging both the supply side and the demand side causes and effects of the industry. The organization feels it is important to both increase choices for women and also fight for legislation and enforcement against pimps, traffickers, and johns. Apne Aap enables women to help themselves by providing a networking experience, basic educational skills, as well as basic business or vocational training. Read about how Apne Aap helps women establish an independent livelihood, as well as their policy work.


The BlinkNow Foundation

The BlinkNow Foundation raises awareness and funds for its projects: the Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School in Surkhet, Nepal. The organization was started to address the needs of the many displaced children and orphans living in Nepal.

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Read the BlinkNow journal, or donate to the organization in support of their anti-poverty and child support goals.


40 children now live at the home, and the school serves over 300 local children. In addition to the Kopila Valley projects, the organization seeks to raise awareness stateside, and is working to address poverty in the developing world.

Cambodian Children’s Fund

CCF is a four-star rated501(c)3 non-profit organization working to better the lives of hundreds of children and their communities in Cambodia. In providing for the children’s immediate needs, as well as training and education, the organization hopes to assist them in taking control of their own futures: “… providing healthcare, education, job training and leadership development, we’re placing the responsibility of capacity building into the hands of the children in our care” ( The organization began as a way to save children living in garbage heaps and now serves many more children and their families.

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Ways to get involved, and help hundreds of Cambodian children and their families find a better life, include: donatingsponsoring a child, running your own fundraising, or look intojobs and internships with the CCF.


The organization has grown dramatically since its inception in 2004: “Today we care for more than 1,200 children and extend our services to provide for their families and communities in crisis” ( The CCF operates an impressive array of programs, including in the areas of educationchildcarehealthcare, and has even been able to branch out with community outreach and vocational training programs  The organization’s founder, Scott Neeson left a successful career as a film executive and a life of luxury in LA to start the Cambodian Children’s Fund after directly witnessing the squalor in which so many Cambodian children were living. Read about him in a Christian Science Monitor article. For his work in Cambodia, Neeson was recognized as the inaugural winner of the Q Prize, given by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Quincy Jones Foundation (an organization working to “raise awareness and financial resources that support global children’s issues…”). The award “… recognizes extraordinary leadership by public figures and social entrepreneurs who are championing the needs of children” ( Through his efforts, Neeson has helped to rescue children from a variety of situations, including abuse and trafficking. The article linked above gives a good idea of the extent of Neeson’s work: “Neeson maintains four residential homes around town for more than 500 other deprived children and is building another. He operates after-school programs and vocational training centers. He’s built day cares and nurseries” (


*It should be noted that Catchafire appears to be a for-profit business. Non-profits and social institutions that are listed with Catchafire pay a fee based on a sliding scale*

Catchafire provides a matchmaking service to facilitate collaboration between talented professionals and non-profits or social institutions seeking quality pro bono services.

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Catchafire may be one promising way to contribute your talents where they are needed most. The Catchafire company is also currently hiring. The company is looking for professionals who are “…hungry to change the world” ( By looking through projects and non-profits listed with Catchafire, you might find an area of interest in which to contribute your services. Projects can be filtered by professional field; simply make sure to check off each of your areas of expertise. Upload a resume to their database in order to be considered by non-profits and other organizations. If you represent a non-profit or socially oriented organization, you can search for qualified professionals from a range of fields through Catchafire for a sliding scale-based fee.


According to the Christian Science Monitor, the number of professionals volunteering their services through Catchafire is about 10,000, while there are around 2,500 organizations seeking professional volunteers (  According to the Catchafire website, “Catchafire pro bono professionals have donated thousands of hours to provide over 3 million dollars in services to NYC social good organizations” (

Children of the Night

Children of the Night is a three-star rated, 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating children and young people who are victims of sex trafficking in America. The organization operates a shelter with educational and other opportunities for children seeking to escape prostitution. Working with law enforcement, Children of the Night makea efforts to rescue consenting children and provide transportation to remove them from the dangerous conditions they are living in.

Get Involved

The Children of the Night website offers a host of ways to get involved, including volunteer work, job opportunities, a wishlist of items the shelter desperately needs, and a vehicle donation service. Consider donating to Children of the Night, or joining the mailing list to keep informed.


The Children of the Night organization operates a 24 hour hotline (1800.551.1300) for young adult and child victims of sex trafficking. In addition to rescue services and the shelter home, Children of the Night trains workers to interface with other institutions through their “With Out Walls” program. The WOW program is designed to supply trained staff, bringing with them their knowledge and experience, to advise and work with underfunded shelters. Read some of the statistics related to child sex trafficking, and about how Children of the Night is helping to stop it.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

CATW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working against human trafficking. CATW is involved  “… in advocacy, education, victim services and prevention programs for victims of trafficking in prostitution in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and North America” ( According to their website, they are the first organization to fight against human trafficking on an international level.

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Consider donating to CATW. Also, check out their factbook to get educated on the issue of human trafficking and its worldwide extent. The CATW website has a great list of other ways to get involved with this issue.


Read about the approaches CATW takes in combatting trafficking through their various projects and campaigns. CATW focuses on ending the demand, legislative advocacy, and supporting survivors.

eBay Giving Works

While eBay itself is not a non-profit organization, it does offer a few phenomenal easy ways to benefit non-profits through their Giving Works program. Since 2003, eBay Giving Works has been used as a way for the eBay market and community to donate to non-profit causes.

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The Giving Works program offers a few different ways to contribute. For starters, you can purchase from a wide variety of eBay sellers and shops, all of which are donating a percentage of their profit to a non-profit organization. If you have items you would like tosell on eBay, you can donate up to a hundred percent of what you make to a non-profit through Giving Works. Additionally, eBay allows you to simply donate directly to a non-profit of your choice through their website. Non-profits who are not listed with eBay may register with MissionFish in order to raise money through Giving Works.


So far, over 267 million dollars have been donated to non-profits through the Giving Works platform. Read about the success stories and impact that Giving Works has had on specific organizations and individuals.

Endslavery Social Campaign

World Vision, International Justice Mission, the Polaris Project, and Safe Horizons are banding together through a social media campaign in support of US legislation meant to protect human trafficking survivors and discourage trafficking all over the world.

Richard Stearns, president of the U.S. office of World Vision offers his argument in support of the legislation in an opinion piece through CNN’s Freedom Project.

The Gateways Program

The Jewish Child Care Association is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that runs The Gateways Program, a residential program for girls who have been exploited as sex-trafficking victims.

Get Involved

Donate to the JCCA’s programs. Volunteer to work with kids in one of the JCCA’s residential treatment facilities.  Another way to help is by offering a menial or assistant job/internship to one of the many JCCA teenagers and young adults looking for valuable work experience. For an even more involved way to contribute, consider becoming a foster parent.


The JCCA is able to include 14 girls in their Gateways program, helping to provide them with rehabilitation services, an education, and support from a full range of medical and therapeutic staff.

Helen Bamber Foundation

The Helen Bamber Foundation is a human rights organization working with “… survivors of genocide, torture, trafficking and rape who seek safety and refuge”  ( The London-based organization is chaired by actor Emma Thompson. Thompson clearly works hard to bring awareness to the issue of sex trafficking. She also created an art exhibit, entitled “Journey,” to raise awareness about the issue, which showed in New York City a few years ago.

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The HBF website offers two paths through which to get involved with the issues and help those affected by human trafficking and sex slavery. The Foundation offers a variety of ways to donate either your money or your time towards their cause. Suggestions include job or volunteer opportunities, fundraising ideas, and other ways to donate your skills or talents.


The HBF services include “… healthcare, rehabilitation therapies, legal protection and social wellbeing” ( Read some of the HBF case studies – specific stories of survivors of human trafficking or sex slavery.  HBF offers a Creative Arts Programme, through which victims can express themselves.

New York Asian Women’s Center

Although their services are oriented towards Asian immigrants, NYAWC is a non-profitresource center available for “… all survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking,” as well as their children.

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Read more about the organization and its programs in the New York Nonprofit Press.Donate to support NYAWC’s “… multi-lingual support programs and shelter services.”  Check out job or volunteer opportunities.


A testament to the accessibility and power of the organization is their well-staffed, and truly multilingual, support line.  NYAWC offers support to victims and survivors of abuse 24 hours a day, seven days a week in English and fifteen Asian languages/dialects. According to the website, NYAWC assists over 600 abused women and their children a year ( The group also offers emergency shelter for women and children facing immediate danger. Read some of the organization’s success stories.


Selfspiration is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to support survivors of child sexual abuse. Founded by journalist and sexual assault survivor Jolene Loetscher, the organization runs a camp for survivors of child sexual abuse, while also advocating for tougher policy and stricter legislation.

Get Involved

Watch the TEDx talk in which Jolene shares her story and what brought to her to start Selfspiration. Also, consider donating to Selfspiration. The organization is also looking for a variety of different volunteer skills, roles, and ideas. If you are inspired by Jolene’s words and the mission of Selfspiration and would like to volunteer, send an email to


Selfspiration puts emphasis on creating a space and way for survivors to have a voice while also advocating for them in public arenas in matters of policy and legislation. The website cites the statistic that one in four girls will be abused, as will one in seven boys, before they reach the age of 18.

Shakti Vahini

Shakti Vahini is a non-profit, Indian organization dedicated to combatting social problems and fighting disparity and inequality.

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Internships working towards promoting human rights in India are available with Shakti Vahini.


Shakti Vahini works for the poor and the disadvantaged in a variety of ways. Shakti Vahini operates the Centre for Legal Research & Training (CLRT) and the National Network of Lawyers for Rights and Justice, among other human rights Initiatives. Read through some of their publications for more information on the specific work they are doing. The organization was also mentioned in a New York Times article article about child labor in India due to their anti-trafficking work and expertise.

Slavery in Mauritania

“Real slavery” still exists in Mauritania, despite being outlawed, as a cultural and economic institution. The country did not abolished slavery until 1981, and it was not made a crime until 2007. In all this time, and despite the widespread cultural engagement of slavery, only one slave owner has ever been convicted.

According to an in-depth CNN article on the situation in Mauritania, 10%-20% of the 3.4 million population are currently enslaved in the traditional sense.

The most moving aspects of the story are the personal profiles included amongst the facts. The article tells the personal stories of a former slave, a former slave owner, and others who are affected by, or are working to change, the status quo.

The article describes Mauritania as a land of sand dunes, explaining that the isolation is one of the factors that allows slavery to exist. Adding to the complexity of the Mauritanian situation is the fact that, from the article, “Many exist somewhere on the continuum between slavery and freedom. Some are beaten; others aren’t.” There even exist hundreds of thousands of people whom do not want to be freed, according to Kevin Bales, president of Free the Slaves. Quoted in the article, “They did not want to be free, he recalled. Or they didn’t know what freedom was.”

The article appears to point towards global awareness and international attention as the avenues to real change in “Slavery’s last stronghold.”


If you choose to use Socialvest, please be aware that it is a for-profit organization. Socialvest is one of a few new programs out there seeking to integrate the online consumer experience with social awareness and charitable giving.

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Using Socialvest is simple: after signing up through the website, shop online through the site. For every purchase you make, a percentage is rebated into your Socialvest account to go towards a charity of your choice.


The fun of Socialvest is that the impact is both 1) passively accruing and 2) can be directed to any organization you want. You earn money without doing anything, except the shopping you were already planning on. The money that is saved in your Socialvest account can be given to any 501(c)(3), meaning your purchases make an impact wherever you choose.

Somaly Mam Foundation

The Somaly Mam Foundation is an organization that envisions “… a world where women and children are safe from slavery” ( SMF is a non-profit organization working towards ending sex slavery. The organization works in Southeast Asia where human trafficking is a major problem. SMF works to raise awareness about sex slavery and human trafficking while also supporting and empowering survivors. Somaly Mam, the woman for whom the foundation was named, was also honored as a CNN Hero.

Get Involved

Consider donating to the Somaly Mam Foundation, or otherwise getting involved through one of the other ways listed on their website, including through volunteer work, or by simply spreading the word.


According to the Somaly Mam website, the Asia Pacific region has the highest rates of forced labor. The statistic that the site quotes says that 11.7 million people are currently forced labor victims, 55% of which are estimated to be women and girls ( SMF works to support survivors of human trafficking and sex slavery, while also working towards ending sex slavery, through grassroots programs and supporting survivors.


Touch A Life Foundation

Touch A Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to provide long-term support for children all over the world through their care centers. They offer their services to “…vulnerable and exploited children in Southeast Asia and West Africa,” many of whom have been trafficked or forced into labor.

Get Involved

Donatesponsor a child, volunteer domestically or abroad, become a partner, or read moreabout human trafficking.


The Touch A Life Foundation began its humble origins as a small apartment offering refuge to 15 of Vietnam’s many street children. Now the organization supports hundreds of children across three different countries (


Voolla is a new, non-profit web service working with a threefold goal: to simultaneously provide money to charities in need, services of many kinds to those who need them, and an outlet for people looking to volunteer their skills and time.

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Are you a talented professional or skilled amateur looking to donate your time? Post aprofile on Voolla and search for a way to volunteer your talents – whatever they may be (any type of work or service can be donated). Individuals or organizations looking for volunteered work can search profiles listed on Voolla for volunteered work. They then pay the fee to a charitable cause rather than the volunteer providing the service. Voolla is also one of the non-profit services listed with Catchafire, a very similar, albeit slightly different (and for profit), program matching up volunteer professionals with organizations in need. Consider putting your talents to use for work on Voolla itself.


Through the Voolla giving process, a charity is helped, the person looking for a service finds the help they need at a price that benefits a good cause, and the person providing the service knows that their volunteer work has made a difference to two groups.

EMMA THOMPSON helps us understand the HORRORS OF SEX TRAFFICKING through unique, moving ART EXHIBIT. Review article with LINK: EMMA”S EXHIBIT




International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that brings rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.




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