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A Fund For Women

AFFW is an organization created to raise and disperse funds specifically for local causes and projects related to women and the issues that affect them. The organization is affiliated with the 501(c)(3) non-profit the Madison Community Foundation, and works to “… improve the lives of girls and women in the local community” ( Specifically, AFFW provides grants that “… enhance education, employment, and self-esteem” ( A Fund for Women is one of many groups falling into the increasing trend of philanthropic efforts made by generous women donors and/or to projects specifically dedicated to benefitting women. A recent articlecomments on both the frequency of donations made by women philanthropists, as well as the propensity women donors have for pooling their resources to raise money in groups, often at a great scale. AFFW’s inclusion in this trend is particularly evident considering its affiliation with the Women’s Funding Network. The AFFW mission statement, found on theirWomen’s Funding Network profile, summarizes this aspect of the fund: “We encourage women to develop as philanthropists. We provide grants to women and girls in our community that enhance education, employment, and self-esteem. We build the permanent endowment that makes grantmaking possible.”

Get Involved

AFFW hosts an annual informational and fundraising event. Other ways to support AFFW include donating and/or volunteering. Additional important information includes the wide variety of AFFW grants and women’s issues news. For a social way to give with others, check out the AFFW Giving Circles.


According to the organization summary given on the Women’s Funding Network, AFFW focuses on four main areas: supporting elderly and disabled women, providing resources for victims of domestic abuse, economic sustainability for women, and reducing homelessness amongst girls and women. You can learn more by looking at specific grants, which have funded projects and organizations helping young mothers, education initiatives, and more. According to their website, AFFW has dispersed over $800,000 in grants to 90 projects over their 16 year history.

Americans for UNFPA

Working in support of the United Nations Population FundAmericans for UNFPA is a three-star charity that promotes human rights. Americans for UNFPA is largely focused on women’s health and rights.

Get Involved

Donate to one of the Americans for UNFPA programs, or get involved otherwise, including employment and internship opportunities.


Woman around the world are facing serious societal and health issues. Americans for UNFPA aims to address violence against women, access to education, and sex trafficking. Another focus of UNFPA is the Campaign to End Fistula, a pregnancy complication that is a major problem in the developing world.


The Bedari organization is one group in Pakistan “Working for protection and promotion of Women’s and girls’ human rights” ( They are able to provide a variety of services and referrals to vulnerable populations.

Get Involved

The Bedari website offers a variety of ways to get involved with these important issues in Pakistan. From spreading the word, to volunteering, to donating, you can step up and join Bedari’s cause of equality in Pakistan.


Their Crisis Intervention Program is able to help protect women and girls through workshops and crisis centers. They also operate an Advocacy Program to help women navigate some of the institutional oppression and discrimination that exists in Pakistan. Through this work, Bedari was able to help get two sexual harassment laws passed. Other areas that Bedari focuses on include a Capacity Building and Training Program, Girls’ Education, HIV & AIDS, and governance related issues. Explore some of the specific projects that Bedari has been working on within these general areas.

The BlinkNow Foundation

The BlinkNow Foundation raises awareness and funds for its projects: the Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School in Surkhet, Nepal. The organization was started to address the needs of the many displaced children and orphans living in Nepal.

Get Involved

Read the BlinkNow journal, or donate to the organization in support of their anti-poverty and child support goals.


40 children now live at the home, and the school serves over 300 local children. In addition to the Kopila Valley projects, the organization seeks to raise awareness stateside, and is working to address poverty in the developing world.


Started in Bangladesh in 1972, BRAC is a development organization working to meet the needs of the very poor. BRAC operates programs to give those living in poverty the tools they need to rise above their situation. The organization has a strong focus on women.

Get Involved

BRAC offers volunteer and internship opportunities. Also, visit, donate, or work with BRAC.


BRAC works in a wide variety of fields, including economic development, food security, education, gender equality, and others. In some cases, they provide specific services, including legal, awareness, and microfinance operations.

BRAC education

Read about BRAC’s education development programs.

Cambodian Children’s Fund

CCF is a four-star rated501(c)3 non-profit organization working to better the lives of hundreds of children and their communities in Cambodia. In providing for the children’s immediate needs, as well as training and education, the organization hopes to assist them in taking control of their own futures: “… providing healthcare, education, job training and leadership development, we’re placing the responsibility of capacity building into the hands of the children in our care” ( The organization began as a way to save children living in garbage heaps and now serves many more children and their families.

Get Involved

Ways to get involved, and help hundreds of Cambodian children and their families find a better life, include: donatingsponsoring a child, running your own fundraising, or look intojobs and internships with the CCF.


The organization has grown dramatically since its inception in 2004: “Today we care for more than 1,200 children and extend our services to provide for their families and communities in crisis” ( The CCF operates an impressive array of programs, including in the areas of educationchildcarehealthcare, and has even been able to branch out with community outreach and vocational training programs  The organization’s founder, Scott Neeson left a successful career as a film executive and a life of luxury in LA to start the Cambodian Children’s Fund after directly witnessing the squalor in which so many Cambodian children were living. Read about him in a Christian Science Monitor article. For his work in Cambodia, Neeson was recognized as the inaugural winner of the Q Prize, given by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Quincy Jones Foundation (an organization working to “raise awareness and financial resources that support global children’s issues…”). The award “… recognizes extraordinary leadership by public figures and social entrepreneurs who are championing the needs of children” ( Through his efforts, Neeson has helped to rescue children from a variety of situations, including abuse and trafficking. The article linked above gives a good idea of the extent of Neeson’s work: “Neeson maintains four residential homes around town for more than 500 other deprived children and is building another. He operates after-school programs and vocational training centers. He’s built day cares and nurseries” (

Camfed USA

Camfed is an organization dedicated to the education of the 24 million girls who cannot afford school in Africa. Camfed is committed to both making school an accessible goal, as well as following through on this initial investment and supporting girls and women at various levels of education. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has an uncommonly high four-star rating on Charity Navigator.

Get Involved

Camfed offers creative and interesting ways to get involved in your own fundraising efforts, including film screenings, athletic events, celebrations, and memorial giving. Donate to specific projects or help to provide specific necessities, such as shoes and school supplies, to female students through the Camfed shop. Check out Camfed’s website for more ways to keep connected.


Supporting the education of girls and women is simply a potent investment, one that will have a ripple effect on their family and their greater community. Camfed’s operations are based on the incredible statistical correlations between education and healthy communities: educated girls are “… three times less likely to become HIV-positive” and are more likely to have a smaller, healthier families. This proven positive effect, and its potential to have an even greater, amplified effect on the surrounding society starts with an investment in solid education. According to the website, Camfed has improved the education of 1,451,600 children since 1993. Through Camfed’s work, you can help reduce drop-out rates and keep enrollment levels high.


*It should be noted that Catchafire appears to be a for-profit business. Non-profits and social institutions that are listed with Catchafire pay a fee based on a sliding scale*

Catchafire provides a matchmaking service to facilitate collaboration between talented professionals and non-profits or social institutions seeking quality pro bono services.

Get Involved

Catchafire may be one promising way to contribute your talents where they are needed most. The Catchafire company is also currently hiring. The company is looking for professionals who are “…hungry to change the world” ( By looking through projects and non-profits listed with Catchafire, you might find an area of interest in which to contribute your services. Projects can be filtered by professional field; simply make sure to check off each of your areas of expertise. Upload a resume to their database in order to be considered by non-profits and other organizations. If you represent a non-profit or socially oriented organization, you can search for qualified professionals from a range of fields through Catchafire for a sliding scale-based fee.


According to the Christian Science Monitor, the number of professionals volunteering their services through Catchafire is about 10,000, while there are around 2,500 organizations seeking professional volunteers (  According to the Catchafire website, “Catchafire pro bono professionals have donated thousands of hours to provide over 3 million dollars in services to NYC social good organizations” (

Centre for Science and Environment

Originally founded and directed by Anil Kumar Agarwal, the CSE is a major environmentalist organization in India, where pollution, waste management, and other environmental considerations have a profound and direct impact on the increasing urban populations. The New Delhi-based organization conducts research and acts as a public-interest advocate and lobby.

Get Involved

The CSE website offers a bounty of information. See how CSE suggests you can “be the change,” subscribe to their newsletter, look into jobs or internships with CSE, or consider shopping in the CSE store or donating to the organization to support their important monitoring, research, and advocacy work. The CSE is currently directed by Sunita Narain, who was the subject of a recent in-depth Christian Science Monitor article about her work in India.


The Centre’s website describes their work as falling under five main categories:communicationsresearch and advocacyeducation and trainingknowledge, and pollution monitoring.  Environmental issues that CSE programs deal with include air pollutionwater managementindustry & environmentfood safety and toxins, and climate change. The CSE has successfully battled against major corporations in support of sustainable and sound environmental policy.

Cents of Relief

CoR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working at “Empowering Victims of Trafficking Through Health and Education.” They do this by providing access to healthcare to vulnerable populations and working to prevent human trafficking.

Get Involved

Consider donating to Cents of Relief. Also consider volunteering with CoR or doing an internship.


Cents of Relief programs include providing surgery for burn victims, a comic book linedesigned specifically to teach children to read, an online mentorship program, providinghealthcare kits to women, and helping women to become selfsufficient through knitting and sewing projects.

The Citizens Foundation

TCF is a non-profit organization working to create a better education environment in Pakistan. Their main page features a rotating banner declaring facts related to education in Pakistan. One of the ones that may greet you is the statistic that 7 million children are out of school in Pakistan. TCF is working to change that, and to promote equality in the process: “The vision of TCF is to remove barriers of class and privilege and to make the citizens of Pakistan Agents of Positive Change” (

Get Involved

Consider donating to TCF or volunteering your time to support education in Pakistan. Explore TCF through their publications. TCF also has a variety of career and internship opportunities.


TCF establishes schools as positive learning environments for students. They also run programs to thoroughly train their teachers. Their website describes some of the major impact that TCF has had on the education scene in Pakistan: “As of 2012, TCF has established 830 purpose-built school units nationwide with an enrollment of 115,000 students” (

Developments in Literacy

DIL is an educational organization that works to serve underprivileged students, with a focus on girls, by operating schools in Pakistan. The organization has branches in both Pakistan and in the US. It is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Get Involved

The DIL website offers some great ways to get involved, including through a volunteer position or internship, or donating to the organization.


Check out the many schools that DIL operates and where they are located. According to their website, over 17,000 children are enrolled in DIL schools.

eBay Giving Works

While eBay itself is not a non-profit organization, it does offer a few phenomenal easy ways to benefit non-profits through their Giving Works program. Since 2003, eBay Giving Works has been used as a way for the eBay market and community to donate to non-profit causes.

Get Involved

The Giving Works program offers a few different ways to contribute. For starters, you can purchase from a wide variety of eBay sellers and shops, all of which are donating a percentage of their profit to a non-profit organization. If you have items you would like tosell on eBay, you can donate up to a hundred percent of what you make to a non-profit through Giving Works. Additionally, eBay allows you to simply donate directly to a non-profit of your choice through their website. Non-profits who are not listed with eBay may register with MissionFish in order to raise money through Giving Works.


So far, over 267 million dollars have been donated to non-profits through the Giving Works platform. Read about the success stories and impact that Giving Works has had on specific organizations and individuals.

Globe Aware

Globe Aware is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that facilitates international short-term volunteer programs. These programs operate under the “volunteer vacation” or “voluntourism” approach: volunteers pay a fee for accommodations, meals, and logistical support. This makes some projects more accessible to the average person. Globe Aware projects are specifically focused on exchanging cultural awareness and developing sustainability.

Get Involved

Although potentially an expensive endeavor, the Globe Aware experience can be a great way to combine travel abroad with working to make a difference. Register now for an opportunity to take a one-week volunteer vacation. Consider donating to Globe Aware.


Globe Aware trips are highly focused short-term experiences (one week). There is time for both some leisure and sight seeing while working on one of many projects in a developing country. Programs include educational support, community outreach, and other projects that focus on basic necessities.



GOAL is an Ireland-based non-governmental agency. From the website: “GOAL is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor” ( Their international scope and variety of successful programs makes GOAL a powerful player when it comes to significant development  poor and disenfranchised communities.

Get Involved

Read about how you can get involved with GOAL. Explore more about the GOAL Brick Kilns Programme, recently featured in a CSM article. GOAL is currently seeking to hire professionals from a wide variety of fields. Consider working with GOAL.   Donate to support the development work GOAL is implementing around the world.


GOAL operates a wide variety of development programs in thirteen countries across the globe. GOAL responds to natural disasters, as it did with the 2010 earthquake in Haiti; facilitates healthcare and nutrition programs; brings clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to communities through its WASH programs, as it has in many of the countries where it operates; runs HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs; and also operates specialized programs, such as the Brick Kilns Programme in India, which was recently mentioned in a Chrisitian Science Monitor article.

iLeap: the center for critical service

iLeap is headquartered in Seattle, Washington where they conduct a variety of social innovation workshops and fellowships. iLeap is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Get Involved

Donate to iLeap directly. Together with Seattle International Foundation and Jolkona, iLeap brings you a campaign to support “global women’s leadership.” Every $500 collected, which is matched by SIF, goes directly towards one week of training for a woman leader. Contact stephanie@iLEAP.orgto volunteer with iLeap.


Check out iLeap programs. They offer an international fellowship, a social innovation forum and iLeap Outbound.

Mai Tam House of Hope

The Mai Tam House of Hope is a non-profit organization in Ho Chi Minh City housing and feeding children who either have HIV/AIDS or have been affected by the disease. Through its various programs, the center supports orphans whose parents died from HIV/AIDS, children with HIV/AIDS, mothers, and widows.

Get Involved

Stormwarriors International has personally visited and spoken with Mai Tam founder and director Father John Toai, and can attest to the compassionate nature of the effective work being done in their facilities. Beginning in July 2012, Stormwarriors International will be making a monthly contribution of $300 to ensure that 10 children will receive the HIV/AIDS medication they need. Consider donating to the Mai Tam House of Hope in support of all they do. Funding for Mai Tam arrives via individual or group donations, grants, and other sources.


According the website, the center is now able to support over 500 women and children in need ( Besides offering food, shelter, and medication for children with or affected by HIV/AIDS, Mai Tam now operates a variety of effective programs. They offer medical services (including prevention of mother-to-child transmission), an independent living house for the children that grow to reach adolescence, opportunities for residents to make some income through a workshop program, education opportunities for children who may not have them otherwise (either helping to place children in schools, or through their own in-house classrooms), a walk-in clinic, housing for widowed mothers and their HIV/AIDS children, a flower shop to generate income in support of Mai Tam, and a hospice for terminally ill AIDS patients.

Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a daily meal to disadvantaged and poor children all over the world, often through already established schools and education programs. This school-based approach to fighting hunger is very similar to the approach used by Deworm the World and other school-based programs. Aid workers recognize the powerful draw of education, and the incalculable good a daily meal can do to support a child’s education.

Get Involved

The Mary’s Meals website offers various ways to get involved with helping to feed, and in indirectly to help educate, children around the world. Consider fundraising for Mary’s Meals,  volunteering with the organization, sponsoring a school, or making a donation.


According to the website, there are “… 300 million chronically hungry children in the world” with millions dying every year ( The website also hosts a breakdown of who they are feeding where. According to this information page, Mary’s Meals is currently supplying around 654,961 children in 16 countries around the world with a daily meal. The approach of providing a school-based meal is really about time allocation. Many, many children in the world must allocate their time towards survival activities, such as working for, or gathering food. There is a recognized correlation between food security and school attendance, particularly if available food is one more draw bringing children in each day. A daily meal ensures that school children are able to concentrate on their studies, dedicating themselves to activities beyond mere survival. In addition to Mary’s Meals focus on school-based meal programs, the organization has also provided emergency relief around the world.

Miracles in Action

Miracles in Action is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to help the extreme poor in rural Guatemala. The organization has earned the GuideStar Exchange Seal. They are also accessible through Universal Giving.

Get Involved

Miracles in Action is completely volunteer run, allowing the entirety of your donation to go directly to the programs they support.


Miracles in Action does take a comprehensive approach, operating projects to that address all of the basic needs of the communities they partner with. The organization has built a school, funds vocational training programs, operates programs for economic growth,

Narayantala Mass Communication Society

Narayantala Mass Communication Society is an NGO working locally in West Bengal, India. It is one of the NGOs working closely with Irish non-profit GOAL.

Get Involved

Look here for contact information for Narayantala Mass Communication Society. While SWI cannot point you towards a concrete donation system via the internet at this time, we suggest you consider looking into Irish non-profit GOAL, an organization that works alongside Narayantala Mass Communication Society.


According to the Christian Science Monitor, Narayantala Mass Communications works alongside GOAL to educate the children of India’s brickmaking workforce, composed largely of poor, low-caste or migrant workers, their rights, reading, and arithmetic. Read about the associated Brick Kilns Programme.

Niños Estudiando El Salvador

NESES is a family project turned-grassroots non-profit organization working to help

Salvadoran orphans and underprivileged children stay in school and complete their studies.

Get Involved         

Donate to support NESES education goals. Notable giving levels include the $500 mark, which will afford one Salvadoran student a year of high school, and $1500, which will support three years; a full high school education.


NESES offers Salvadoran students study tours, and has awarded 90 scholarships.


Pratham is a major Indian non-profit organization focused on providing and supporting accessible education. The group operates a variety of programs that address early learning, illiteracy, access to books, and other education-related issues. The organization also has a US branch: Pratham USA, a four-star501(c)(3) non-profit, which is supported by major philanthropic organizations including, among others, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GE Foundtion, and the Omidyar Network. One of Pratham’s successful programs includes the non-profit publisher Pratham Books. The Christian Science Monitorran a fantastic profile on Rohini Nilekani, an Indian philanthropist and the founder and chairperson of Pratham Books. She is quoted in the article as saying that her mission is to “… put a book in every child’s hand” (

Get Involved

Get involved with Pratham by donating, volunteering, or even visiting a Pratham organization location, which would allow you to see first hand the work they are accomplishing. If you were interested in Rohini Nilekani and the work Pratham Books is doing, consider volunteering your time or artistic talents to Pratham Books, donating, or otherwise helping to fund the organization and put books in the hands of kids who need them.


Check out the impact Pratham is having. Pratham works hard to address the multiplicity of education issues in India by publishing affordable and accessible reading material throughPratham Books, operating preschool programs and Pratham Open Schools, advocating for education reform, and maintaining a variety of other successful programs. Read about case examples of children who have benefited from educational opportunities through Pratham. Pratham is able to make a difference and reach over 2.4 million children in rural India through their Pratham’s Read India program alone ( The Pratham USA website emphasizes the extent of illiteracy in India, the site cites that almost half of all Indian children (the site says there are about 210 million children in India) are illiterate (

Room to Read

Room to Read is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization striving to make education accessible to all children everywhere, with a focus on literacy and gender equality in education. Room to Read was recently featured in a couple of articles posted to Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times blog to great success. Times readers donated thousands of dollars, allowing Room to read to send thousands of girls, who ordinarily would not have been able to afford an education, to school.

Get Involved

Consider donating to Room to Read in support of children’s education. Your support will ensure that libraries are well stocked, children receive the literacy instruction they need, and children who otherwise couldn’t afford it are able to get the education they need.


John Wood, the founder of Room to Read, uses the personal story of one young Vietnamese student in his article, Dao Ngoc Phung, who Kristof has written about previously, as an example of the enthusiastic, ambitious girls Room to Read has been able to assist (with much help from generous donors). He claims that Room to Read has been able to send an additional 3,000 girls to school, thanks to readers of the initial article. Room to Read currently operates in multiple Asian and African countries. The group operates a variety of programs, including the provision of school supplies and paying the fees to ensure girls are able to attend school. Programs fall under these categories: supporting school libraries, filling the lack of children’s books in some regions and languages by publishing high quality materials, school construction, literacy programs, and ensuring girls have access to education as one way to fight global poverty.


Shakti Vahini

Shakti Vahini is a non-profit, Indian organization dedicated to combatting social problems and fighting disparity and inequality.

Get Involved

Internships working towards promoting human rights in India are available with Shakti Vahini.


Shakti Vahini works for the poor and the disadvantaged in a variety of ways. Shakti Vahini operates the Centre for Legal Research & Training (CLRT) and the National Network of Lawyers for Rights and Justice, among other human rights Initiatives. Read through some of their publications for more information on the specific work they are doing. The organization was also mentioned in a New York Times article article about child labor in India due to their anti-trafficking work and expertise.


If you choose to use Socialvest, please be aware that it is a for-profit organization. Socialvest is one of a few new programs out there seeking to integrate the online consumer experience with social awareness and charitable giving.

Get Involved

Using Socialvest is simple: after signing up through the website, shop online through the site. For every purchase you make, a percentage is rebated into your Socialvest account to go towards a charity of your choice.


The fun of Socialvest is that the impact is both 1) passively accruing and 2) can be directed to any organization you want. You earn money without doing anything, except the shopping you were already planning on. The money that is saved in your Socialvest account can be given to any 501(c)(3), meaning your purchases make an impact wherever you choose.

Syrian American Women’s Charitable Association

According to their website, “… SAWA, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to…” helping humanitarian, charitable organizations in Syria. They also write on their website, “SAWA strives to help anyone in need across Syria, and occasionally in the United States” (

Get involved

Consider joining the organization as a member, volunteering, or donating to SAWA.


According to their website, “… SAWA has donated over half a million dollars to many worthy causes” ( A list of some of the organizations that have received funds through SAWA is included on their website, making it clear that this organization has made an impact in Syria. From simply skimming the list, organizations that have benefited from SAWA include: Mosaic foundation, Syrian Cancer Society, and Al Raja School for disabled children. Unfortunately SWI is unable to further verify these organizations at this time.


The Ted Simon Foundation

The Ted Simon Foundation is a non-profit organization, named after motorcyclist and journalist Ted Simon, which seeks to encourage and support international good will and intercultural understanding through their Jupiter’s Traveller’s program by assisting chosen motorcyclists with both travelling around the world and in sharing their story upon their return. The organization largely focuses on distilling a shareable version of the cyclist’s experience: “The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage and assist travellers in making an extra effort to develop their observations and insights into something of value for the rest of the world to share, whatever their medium of expression might be” (

Get Involved

Ways to get involved with the Ted Simon Foundation include reading up on the past adventures of Jupiter’s Travellers, especially the exceptional work done recognized by the Jupiter awards. If you believe you would make a good ambassador to other cultures, you are welcome to apply for the Jupiter’s Travellers program. Companies or organizations are invited to make a donation.


Jupiter’s Travellers’ are meant to share their experiences with the world as a way to encourage and increase international awareness and understanding. Some Jupiter’s Travellers choose to raise funds along their journey for specific causes, allowing them to not only the experience of learning about peoples and cultures firsthand, and then retelling their stories upon return, but also raising awareness and funds for specific causes. Storm Warriors International has contributed to such efforts being conducted by one woman, Eliza Massey riding out of Hope, Maine, raising money for Women for Women, an organization profiled here on the SWI website.

Two Together Tutoring

Catering to children showing signs of needing additional educational support, Two Together is another offering from the 501(c)(3) organization, the Jewish Child Care Association.

Get Involved

Donate to the Two Together program in support of education.  Two Together is also looking for volunteer tutors, with no previous teaching experience required.


The citywide program brings together 165 tutors to focus their attentions on 135 students, each of whom rely on this educational resource.


Voolla is a new, non-profit web service working with a threefold goal: to simultaneously provide money to charities in need, services of many kinds to those who need them, and an outlet for people looking to volunteer their skills and time.

Get Involved

Are you a talented professional or skilled amateur looking to donate your time? Post aprofile on Voolla and search for a way to volunteer your talents – whatever they may be (any type of work or service can be donated). Individuals or organizations looking for volunteered work can search profiles listed on Voolla for volunteered work. They then pay the fee to a charitable cause rather than the volunteer providing the service. Voolla is also one of the non-profit services listed with Catchafire, a very similar, albeit slightly different (and for profit), program matching up volunteer professionals with organizations in need. Consider putting your talents to use for work on Voolla itself.


Through the Voolla giving process, a charity is helped, the person looking for a service finds the help they need at a price that benefits a good cause, and the person providing the service knows that their volunteer work has made a difference to two groups.

We Advance

We Advance is a grassroots, 501(c)(3) non-profit women’s rights organization working in the western hemisphere. As described on the site, it’s “… a movement to advance the health, safety, and well being of women throughout Haiti” ( They do this by bringing in volunteers to teach and train in health, safety, and education. We Advance, and their involvement with the Women Donors Network, is one of many examples falling into a recently increasing trend of philanthropic efforts made by generous women donors and/or for the benefit of women. A recent article comments on both on the frequency of donations made by women philanthropists, as well as the propensity women donors have for pooling their resources to raise money in groups, often at a great scale.

Get Involved

Sign up for the We Advance newsletter. Donate to We Advance in support of the work they are doing to better the lives of women and their communities.


We Advance programs seek to protect and support women, and cover a range of important needs, including medical & health services. One major project is the Nap Vanse Family Clinic, run by both a dedicated medical team and international volunteers. Other projects run by We Advance include education and community outreach projects, advocacy support, and micro finance resources in collaboration with the Women’s Donor Network.  Read more about past successes, including their very busy health clinic (seeing 60-70 patients a day), adult English classes preparing people for their first jobs, and more.

Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

The WFMN is a 501(c)3 non-profit working to fund socially innovative programs that support equality for women and girls in the state of Minnesota.

Get Involved

Donate to the Women’s Foundation in support of the programs they fund on behalf of women and girls. Look into volunteer and career opportunities.


WFMN divides their programs into five categories: economic justicesafety & security,health & reproductive rights, and political power.

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