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South America

Doctors of the World/Médecins du Monde

“Doctors of the World is an international humanitarian organization providing medical care to vulnerable populations affected by war, natural disasters, disease, famine, poverty, or exclusion” ( The organization’s backbone consists of an army of volunteer doctors and medical professionals who work to bring medical relief where it is needed.

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Donate now in support of Doctors of the World. Their website also encourages interested parties to apply for an international job or volunteer role with Doctors of the World. The site also lists a few other ways to get involved.


On their “At a Glance” informational page, Doctors of the World provides the following impact statistic: “In 2010, Doctors of the World’s global network used $152 million to run 365 programs that provided medical care for more than 1.6 million individuals in 78 countries.” The organization has an international presence, growing from its original base in France to its current 15 operational locations throughout the world. The organization focuses its work and resources in four major areas: Conflict & Crisis, conducting emergency medical response, and often staying after the immediate danger has dissipated; Affected Populations, supporting refugees abroad and in their country of origin; HIV/AIDS & Infectious Diseases, fighting deadly diseases around the world; and Women & Children’s Health, providing pre-natal and pediatric care among other related services.

Doctors of the World in South America

Read about Doctors of the World’s work in Colombia.

Global Health Strategies Initiatives

GHSi is an international non-profit “…advocating for improved access to health care in low-resource countries.” GHSi conducts important research related to global health policy and programs. GHSi is affiliated with the consulting firm Global health Strategies

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Watch the recent report on the changing landscape of international aid: “How the BRICS are reshaping Global Health and Development”.


On March 26. 2012, GHSi broadcast the BRICS report live. The important discussion on the increasing influence of BRICS nations in the international aid arena can be viewed here. Read the report on this global paradigm shift here.

Globe Aware

Globe Aware is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that facilitates international short-term volunteer programs. These programs operate under the “volunteer vacation” or “voluntourism” approach: volunteers pay a fee for accommodations, meals, and logistical support. This makes some projects more accessible to the average person. Globe Aware projects are specifically focused on exchanging cultural awareness and developing sustainability.

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Although potentially an expensive endeavor, the Globe Aware experience can be a great way to combine travel abroad with working to make a difference. Register now for an opportunity to take a one-week volunteer vacation. Consider donating to Globe Aware.


Globe Aware trips are highly focused short-term experiences (one week). There is time for both some leisure and sight seeing while working on one of many projects in a developing country. Programs include educational support, community outreach, and other projects that focus on basic necessities.

Globe Aware in South America

Globe Aware hosts projects in Peru.

International Rescue Committee

The IRC is a four-star rated 501(c)(3) non-profit that responds to humanitarian crises and refugee needs. The organization responds to emergencies all over the world and works to create deep solutions to a multitude of problems.

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Donate, volunteer, or find out how else to help.


In times of emergency, the IRC is committed to arriving within 72 hours, bringing necessary support and supplies. The IRC follows through on its work, by providing post-crisis support, helping refugees adapt to their new lives. 92% of IRC’s funding goes directly to program expenses. The IRC has provided 1.7 million people with access to clean drinking water and vaccinated over 500,000 children. Read more statistics about the impact that the IRC is making.

International Rescue Committee in South America

See where the IRC is active in South America.

International Women’s Health Coalition

The IWHC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports women’s health around the world by working with a network of governments, UN agencies, and local agents to affect both policy and grassroots work.

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IWHC has a phenomenal trove of resources and information readily available concerning the important issues that women face around the world when it comes to their bodies. Take time to look at some of the articles, facts, and a wide variety of other informational resources available, and understand why the group dedicates its resources to the issues it does. The IWHC also summarizes its work in annual reports. Donate to the International Women’s Coalition. There are also job offerings available, if you would like to get involved with the organization’s work.


The IWHC works to empower individuals in addressing the issues women face: “Since 1984, we have provided over $16.5 million in grants to women and youth advocates” ( Primary concerns of the organization include the connections between the health and reproductive rights of women and youth across the globe. The IWHC seeks to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic, lack of reproductive knowledge and education, access to safe abortion, sexual rights, and gender equality. Overall, the IWHC “… promotes and protects the sexual and reproductive rights and health (SRRH) of all women and young people…” (

International Women’s Health Coalition in South America

IWHC partners with Brazilian feminist organizations, a variety of Peruvian organizations, and regional groups.

Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a daily meal to disadvantaged and poor children all over the world, often through already established schools and education programs. This school-based approach to fighting hunger is very similar to the approach used by Deworm the World and other school-based programs. Aid workers recognize the powerful draw of education, and the incalculable good a daily meal can do to support a child’s education.

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The Mary’s Meals website offers various ways to get involved with helping to feed, and in indirectly to help educate, children around the world. Consider fundraising for Mary’s Meals,  volunteering with the organization, sponsoring a school, or making a donation.


According to the website, there are “… 300 million chronically hungry children in the world” with millions dying every year ( The website also hosts a breakdown of who they are feeding where. According to this information page, Mary’s Meals is currently supplying around 654,961 children in 16 countries around the world with a daily meal. The approach of providing a school-based meal is really about time allocation. Many, many children in the world must allocate their time towards survival activities, such as working for, or gathering food. There is a recognized correlation between food security and school attendance, particularly if available food is one more draw bringing children in each day. A daily meal ensures that school children are able to concentrate on their studies, dedicating themselves to activities beyond mere survival. In addition to Mary’s Meals focus on school-based meal programs, the organization has also provided emergency relief around the world. Mary’s Meals in 

Mary’s Meals in South America

Mary’s Meals provides a daily meal for school children in Ecuador.

Pro Mujer

Focused on women in Latin America, Pro Mujer is a 501(c)(3) non-profitinternational development organization. Pro Mujer’s operations can be split into three distinct sections: financial services, business-related education, and healthcare.

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Give in a variety of different ways, including straight donation, or volunteering or working for Pro Mujer.


Some statistics from the Pro Mujer website:

–       $298 in loans were disbursed in 2011

–       Pro Mujer currently has over 250,000 clients

–       Disbursed over $1 billion in loans

Read more about Pro Mujer’s impact, or look into their reports.

Pro Mujer in South America

Pro Mujer operates in Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru.

Solar Household Energy, Inc.

SHE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to provide access to solar cooking, often the versatile HotPot solar oven, to those who need it most.

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The SHE website offers ways to get involved in the solar cooker movement. Consider donating to SHE in support of their work promoting solar cooking.


A solar cooking oven is an affordable way to prepare food and saves on the need for potentially hazardous cooking fuel. This is particularly important for those who do not have easy access to the necessary fuels, but instead must travel or scavenge for basic cooking fuel. SHE works to help provide solar cookers and conducts training in their use.

Solar Household Energy, Inc. in South America

SHE has programs in Peru.

Vital Voices Global Partnership

Vital Voices is a 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization with a four star rating on charity navigator.  They have supplied some financial information for further confirmation. Vital Voices is built on a wide network of individuals, bringing together a multitude of professionals, leaders, and corporate executives who wish to nurture the potential of women worldwide. This partnership seeks to tease out and amplify those voices with the greatest leadership potential, and provide them with the tools they need to facilitate progress in their communities.

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Besides donating to Vital Voices, you can register to join the Global Leadership Network directory and take a look at the Vital Voices Collection. The directory offers many social networking features, and allows you to connect with the powerful and energized women behind this Global Partnership. The collection is one way to support the Entrepreneurs in Handcrafts program (some of the money from which is reinvested into the program), where handcrafted goods are available through Bridge for Africa  or Umoja Women’s Shop. Those interested in volunteer opportunities should contact Internships and career paths are also available.


According to the Vital Voices website, they have “…trained and mentored more than 10,000 emerging women leaders from 127 countries…” who have proceeded to make a difference in their respective communities. Vital Voices is one of twelve organization members of the Alliance To End Slavery & Trafficking. They have also presented information gathered through their Cameroon Initiative to Combat Human Trafficking as a part of an INTERPOL Specialists Group meeting.

Vital Voices in South America

Vital Voices’ developments in South America include the Latin America and the Caribbean Businesswomen’s Network founded in Mexico City, Mexico, as well as regional chapters.

LINK to the CLINTON BUSH HAITI FUND – In the wake of the natural disaster in Haiti, multiple needs remain unaddressed. This fund helps create sustained economic activity and growth.

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