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Asia and Oceania

Afghan Institute of Learning

The AIL is a non-governmental organization founded in 1995, combining education and health services and operated largely by women, to support Afghan women and children. AIL founder and executive director Dr. Sakena Yacoobi has a fascinating history of working to make education accessible in Afghanistan, even working around the Taliban’s ban on female education.

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AIL has a variety of ways to donate (including through US affiliate non-profit Creating Hope International) and has many projects listed on GlobalGiving. AIL also has items made by Afghan widows available for purchase through Global Goods Partners. The AIL donation page also suggests you contact if you are interested in volunteering or donating supplies directly.


The recent civil structure of Afghanistan has largely been at the mercy of political events and conflict. It is in this context of turmoil that AIL has survived as a grassroots program and thrived, bringing education, training, healthcare services, and other support services to Afghanis and refugees. Since 1996, around 9 million Afghans have received training, health services, and education through AIL’s programs.  AIL runs 5 clinics and 25 learning centers. Part of AIL’s success has to do with its integrated programs, combining education and healthcare services, making a range of essential programs available across the board. AIL also offers a preschool program, disaster relief, and other projects designed to rebuild and maintain a strong civil foundation for Afghanistan.

Afghan Institute of Learning in Asia

AIL has learning centers in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


American Assistance for Cambodia

American Assistance for Cambodia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to developing resources for Cambodian youth and rural poor across a variety of needs, including a hospital, schools, internet access, and other fundamental necessities for a functioning society.

Mission Statement: American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC)/ Japan Relief for Cambodia (JRfC) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving opportunities for the youth and rural poor in Cambodia. AAfC operates interlinked programs across Cambodia in the areas of education, health, rural development, and technology.

Rural School Project – One of AAfC’s major projects is is the Rural School Project, created to address Cambodia’s lack of primary and secondary schools. Storm Warriors have the option of sponsoring the construction of school, along with a variety of optional resources to ensure your school has everything its students need.

Also notable is AAfC’s Girls Be Ambitious program, which allows a means to provide an assistance incentive to keep young girls in school and is one of a series of preventative measures to help fight against the trafficking of girls and women in Cambodia.

Apne Aap Women Worldwide

Apne Aap began as a united group of twenty-two women from the red light district of Mumbai, India who sought to use their collective agency to change their lives. These women were originally the subjects of journalist Ruchira Gupta’s, Apne Aap Founder and Executive Director, Emmy Award-winning film, The Selling of Innocents. Now the efforts of Apne Aap have an impact on over 10,000 women. The Apne Aap mission is very straightforward: The “Mission is to increase choices for at-risk girls and women in order to ensure access to their rights, and to deter the purchase of sex through policy and social change” ( The organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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Apne Aap has an established internship program for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as job opportunities. Apne Aap is also looking for people to take up the cause of their current “Cool Men Don’t Buy Sex Campaign”. Learn more about the campaign here. Consider donating to Apne Aap. You can also sign their current petition against police corruption and harassment.


In early 2012, Storm Warriors International made a personal visit to multiple Apne Aap organizational locations in India, and can personally vouch for the work being done there. Apne Aap fights sex trafficking by acknowledging both the supply side and the demand side causes and effects of the industry. The organization feels it is important to both increase choices for women and also fight for legislation and enforcement against pimps, traffickers, and johns. Apne Aap enables women to help themselves by providing a networking experience, basic educational skills, as well as basic business or vocational training. Read about how Apne Aap helps women establish an independent livelihood, as well as their policy work.

The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation is a four-star rated, 501(c)(3) non-profit. Addressing issues at regional and national levels, the organization works on peace building efforts, development projects, and women’s empowerment solutions.

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Contribute through specialized funds, including their annual fund and Thailand Fund Relief: 2011donate now, or see how else you can help. Employment opportunities are also available.


“In 2012, the Foundation provided more than $98 million in program support and distributed nearly on million books and journals valued at over $42 million.” Read their annual report for 2010.

The Asia Foundation in Asia

The Asia Foundation operates across Asia. View country-specific information.


The Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute is a non-governmental organization, focused on education, policy, and leadership. According to the website, “The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, D.C.” The organization works on the understanding that communication is the foundation for progress. The Institute’s values are encapsulated in their mission statement.

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Consider donating to The Aspen Institute in support of their goals regarding leadership and communication. Also, consider working with the group, or contributing support through ascholarship.


According to their website, the Aspen Institute develops policy and leadership responses to critical issues in four primary ways: through seminars, young-leader fellowships and otherleadership programspolicy programs to discuss issues in a non-partisan light, and public conferences. One particularly important project that the organization works on is the Agent Orange in Vietnam Program, an initiative aimed at promoting dialogue and collaboration between the two countries on the often-contentious issues surrounding US responsibilities and culpability regarding the current effects of past Agent Orange use. Effects of Agent Orange currently felt include environmental pollution, as well as major health effects including birth defects and sickness, experienced by both US veterans and Vietnamese decades after its initial deployment in Vietnam. An article in the New York Times mentions the efforts of the Aspen Institute in brokering communication between the two countries.


The Aurat Public and Information Service Foundation

The Aurat Foundation is a “… civil society organisation working for women’s empowerment and citizens’ rights…” (

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Consider applying for a job with the Aurat, or donating to one of the Aurat Foundation’s funding partners: Oxfam GB, UNICEF, TROCAIRE, or UN Women.


Focuses their resources on information gathering, capacity building, and advocacy. Within these three guiding forces, they focus specifically on three main programs: the Information Programme for Grassroots Organization and Action by Women, the Programme for Strengthening Citizens’ for Advocacy and Action for Women, and the Programme for Affirmative Legislation and policies for Women.  Read about the Aurat Foundation’s programs.


The Bedari organization is one group in Pakistan “Working for protection and promotion of Women’s and girls’ human rights” ( They are able to provide a variety of services and referrals to vulnerable populations.

Get Involved

The Bedari website offers a variety of ways to get involved with these important issues in Pakistan. From spreading the word, to volunteering, to donating, you can step up and join Bedari’s cause of equality in Pakistan.


Their Crisis Intervention Program is able to help protect women and girls through workshops and crisis centers. They also operate an Advocacy Program to help women navigate some of the institutional oppression and discrimination that exists in Pakistan. Through this work, Bedari was able to help get two sexual harassment laws passed. Other areas that Bedari focuses on include a Capacity Building and Training Program, Girls’ Education, HIV & AIDS, and governance related issues. Explore some of the specific projects that Bedari has been working on within these general areas.

Beyond the 11th

Beyond the 11th is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization empowering widows in Afghanistan. The organization was founded by two American women left widowed on September 11th who wanted to reach across the world in support of Afghan widows. The group operates programs that provide ways for women to become self-sufficient.

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A related documentary is available, chronicling the journey taken by the Beyond the 11th founders to visit the Afghan widows they have worked to help. Ways to get involved include scheduling a speaking engagement or donating to the organization. The website also offers a host of other ideas to become involved with Beyond the 11th.


Beyond the 11th brings awareness about and funding to the often-desperate situations faced by many Afghan widows. According to sources cited on the website, approximately 94% of Afghan widows are illiterate, and many have children that rely on them for support.

The BlinkNow Foundation

The BlinkNow Foundation raises awareness and funds for its projects: the Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School in Surkhet, Nepal. The organization was started to address the needs of the many displaced children and orphans living in Nepal.

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Read the BlinkNow journal, or donate to the organization in support of their anti-poverty and child support goals.


40 children now live at the home, and the school serves over 300 local children. In addition to the Kopila Valley projects, the organization seeks to raise awareness stateside, and is working to address poverty in the developing world.


Started in Bangladesh in 1972, BRAC is a development organization working to meet the needs of the very poor. BRAC operates programs to give those living in poverty the tools they need to rise above their situation. The organization has a strong focus on women.

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BRAC offers volunteer and internship opportunities. Also, visit, donate, or work with BRAC.


BRAC works in a wide variety of fields, including economic development, food security, education, gender equality, and others. In some cases, they provide specific services, including legal, awareness, and micro finance operations.

BRAC in Asia

BRAC has programs in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Cambodian Children’s Fund

CCF is a four-star rated, 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to better the lives of hundreds of children and their communities in Cambodia. In providing for the children’s immediate needs, as well as training and education, the organization hopes to assist them in taking control of their own futures: “… providing healthcare, education, job training and leadership development, we’re placing the responsibility of capacity building into the hands of the children in our care” ( The organization began as a way to save children living in garbage heaps and now serves many more children and their families.

Get Involved

Ways to get involved, and help hundreds of Cambodian children and their families find a better life, include: donating, sponsoring a child, running your own fundraising, or look into jobs and internships with the CCF.


The organization has grown dramatically since its inception in 2004: “Today we care for more than 1,200 children and extend our services to provide for their families and communities in crisis” ( The CCF operates an impressive array of programs, including in the areas of education, childcare, healthcare, and has even been able to branch out with community outreach and vocational training programs  The organization’s founder, Scott Neeson left a successful career as a film executive and a life of luxury in LA to start the Cambodian Children’s Fund after directly witnessing the squalor in which so many Cambodian children were living. Read about him in a Christian Science Monitor article. For his work in Cambodia, Neeson was recognized as the inaugural winner of the Q Prize, given by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Quincy Jones Foundation (an organization working to “raise awareness and financial resources that support global children’s issues…”). The award “… recognizes extraordinary leadership by public figures and social entrepreneurs who are championing the needs of children” ( Through his efforts, Neeson has helped to rescue children from a variety of situations, including abuse and trafficking. The article linked above gives a good idea of the extent of Neeson’s work: “Neeson maintains four residential homes around town for more than 500 other deprived children and is building another. He operates after-school programs and vocational training centers. He’s built day cares and nurseries” (

Centre for Science and Environment

Originally founded and directed by Anil Kumar Agarwal, the CSE is a major environmentalist organization in India, where pollution, waste management, and other environmental considerations have a profound and direct impact on the increasing urban populations. The New Delhi-based organization conducts research and acts as a public-interest advocate and lobby.

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The CSE website offers a bounty of information. See how CSE suggests you can “be the change,” subscribe to their newsletter, look into jobs or internships with CSE, or consider shopping in the CSE store or donating to the organization to support their important monitoring, research, and advocacy work. The CSE is currently directed by Sunita Narain, who was the subject of a recent in-depth Christian Science Monitor article about her work in India.


The Centre’s website describes their work as falling under five main categories: communications, research and advocacy, education and training, knowledge, and pollution monitoring.  Environmental issues that CSE programs deal with include air pollution, water management, industry & environment, food safety and toxins, and climate change. The CSE has successfully battled against major corporations in support of sustainable and sound environmental policy.


Championing Community Children

Championing Community Children is a charitable organization founded by Filipino 13 year-old Kesz Valdez, a former street child. The organization works to improve the lives of street kids through education and other forms of support. He was recently written about by NBC News.

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Unfortunately, this organization does not appear to have a website. However, Valdez maintains a Facebook page, which is actively updated with news of his work and a great deal of photos. Perhaps an ambitious storm warrior might be inspired to make contact, and to see if there is any easy way for other ambitious storm warriors to donate, volunteer, or otherwise become involved with Valdez’s valiant community efforts.


For his work, Valdez has been acknowledged with the 2012 International Children’s Peace Prize, presented by the KidsRights organization. For many street kids, basic hygiene education can go a long way, and is something they don’t always have easy access to, if any at all. Organizations like Championing Community Children are making a difference in these kids’ lives by supporting them and helping to develop the skills they need to lead healthy lives.


Creating Hope International

CHI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded to help those who have limited or no access to food, shelter, health, education, and other essentials. CHI works closely with the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) in support of their education and health services and programs. CHI works with grassroots projects to solve localized problems at the community level.

Get Involved

Donate to the Tibetan Project or generally to CHI. If you want to donate to the AIL, you must donate through CHI. For internet shoppers, CHI can receive a portion of what you spend through GoodShop.


According to the CHI website, CHI is responsible for increasing funding to AIL, and provides training for AIL workers. In addition to working closely with the AIL, CHI has a program working to address the needs of the Tibetan Bon ethnic minority in Dolanji, India.

Creating Hope International in Asia

CHI is active in Afghanistan through AIL, and in India.


Developments in Literacy

DIL is an educational organization that works to serve underprivileged students, with a focus on girls, by operating schools in Pakistan. The organization has branches in both Pakistan and in the US. It is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Get Involved

The DIL website offers some great ways to get involved, including through a volunteer position or internship, or donating to the organization.


Check out the many schools that DIL operates and where they are located. According to their website, over 17,000 children are enrolled in DIL schools.


Deworm the World

DtW Is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting important deworming programs all over the world in order to keep children healthy and free of all parasites. DtW embraces school-based deworming as one effective way to address the effects of parasitic worm infections in schoolchildren. Children can become infected with parasitic worms via the skin or through ingestion. This is a major problem in areas where the soil and water are contaminated. According to the DtW website, worm infection symptoms can include “…stomache pain, coughing, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, swollen belly, blood in stools or urine, fatigue and listlessness” (

Get Involved

The DtW website offers a variety of ways to get involved. Read deworming-related news, look into DtW’s many partner organizations, or donate to help give children around the world relief from parasitic infections.


In the developing world, parasitic worms are a major health issue, and can cause a variety of malevolent symptoms. In many cases this health issue goes on to affect education, absenteeism and cognitive functions. Recognizing the linked nature of these effects, Deworm the World supports deworming as the most cost effective way to increase school attendance. According to the DtW website, the organization has reached “… 37 million children across 27 countries” (

Deworm the World in Asia

DtW has provided research and assistance to both India and Sri Lanka.


Doctors of the World/Médecins du Monde

“Doctors of the World is an international humanitarian organization providing medical care to vulnerable populations affected by war, natural disasters, disease, famine, poverty, or exclusion” ( The organization’s backbone consists of an army of volunteer doctors and medical professionals who work to bring medical relief where it is needed.

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Donate now in support of Doctors of the World. Their website also encourages interested parties to apply for an international job or volunteer role with Doctors of the World. The site also lists a few other ways to get involved.


On their “At a Glance” informational page, Doctors of the World provides the following impact statistic: “In 2010, Doctors of the World’s global network used $152 million to run 365 programs that provided medical care for more than 1.6 million individuals in 78 countries.” The organization has an international presence, growing from its original base in France to its current 15 operational locations throughout the world. The organization focuses its work and resources in four major areas: Conflict & Crisis, conducting emergency medical response, and often staying after the immediate danger has dissipated; Affected Populations, supporting refugees abroad and in their country of origin; HIV/AIDS & Infectious Diseases, fighting deadly diseases around the world; and Women & Children’s Health, providing pre-natal and pediatric care among other related services.

Doctors of the World in Asia

Read about Doctors of the World’s work in Japan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan.


Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

EGPAF is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and ending pediatric HIV/AIDS and has history as a pioneering force in advocacy, fundraising, and awareness in the fight against pediatric HIV/AIDS.

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Check out the website, which offers a few different ways to get involved or donate to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.


The technology for preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS with a high ratio of success is available. EGPAF seeks to bring the proper technologies and medicines to those in need. According to the website, EGPAF claims as many as “… one in five HIV-positive mothers worldwide receives lifesaving medications through EGPAF-supported clinics” ( EGPAF continues to support HIV/AIDS research, implement and expand programs fighting pediatric AIDS, as well as advocating for public policy that supports “women, children, and families with HIV/AIDS” (

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in Asia

EGPAF supports programs in India.


GBCHealth serves as a hub for private sector engagement on the world’s most pressing global health issues” ( GBCHealth is a coalition of many different companies and organizations, all working towards creating a healthier world by bringing their own special skills, resources, and assets to the table. While GBCHealth does not appear to be a non-profit organization, nor does it work with NPO’s, it does make its annual financial reports available. GBCHealth works to facilitate the corporate world’s impact in making the world healthier.

Get Involved

Browse job and internship opportunities. Read about the work of GBCHealth. GBCHealth also has a major library of related resources.


GBCHealth focuses on the world’s major health problems, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and under its expanded scope of last year, diabetes. Read about some of the many ways that GBCHealth is able to bring together organizations in pursuit of common health goals. Some programs include HIV-Free Generation/Kenya and the Healthy Women, Healthy Economies initiative.

GBCHealth in Asia

In Beijing, China, GBCHealth helps facilitate the China HIV/AIDS Media Partnership (CHAMP).


Global Health Strategies Initiatives

GHSi is an international non-profit “…advocating for improved access to health care in low-resource countries.” GHSi conducts important research related to global health policy and programs. GHSi is affiliated with the consulting firm Global health Strategies

Get Involved

Watch the recent report on the changing landscape of international aid: “How the BRICS are reshaping Global Health and Development”.


On March 26. 2012, GHSi broadcast the BRICS report live. The important discussion on the increasing influence of BRICS nations in the international aid arena can be viewed here. Read the report on this global paradigm shift here.

Globe Aware

Globe Aware is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that facilitates international short-term volunteer programs. These programs operate under the “volunteer vacation” or “voluntourism” approach: volunteers pay a fee for accommodations, meals, and logistical support. This makes some projects more accessible to the average person. Globe Aware projects are specifically focused on exchanging cultural awareness and developing sustainability.

Get Involved

Although potentially an expensive endeavor, the Globe Aware experience can be a great way to combine travel abroad with working to make a difference. Register now for an opportunity to take a one-week volunteer vacation. Consider donating to Globe Aware.


Globe Aware trips are highly focused short-term experiences (one week). There is time for both some leisure and sight seeing while working on one of many projects in a developing country. Programs include educational support, community outreach, and other projects that focus on basic necessities.

Globe Aware in Asia

Globe Aware hosts projects in Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam.



GOAL is an Ireland-based non-governmental agency. From the website: “GOAL is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor” ( Their international scope and variety of successful programs makes GOAL a powerful player when it comes to significant development  poor and disenfranchised communities.

Get Involved

Read about how you can get involved with GOAL. Explore more about the GOAL Brick Kilns Programme, recently featured in a CSM article. GOAL is currently seeking to hire professionals from a wide variety of fields. Consider working with GOAL.   Donate to support the development work GOAL is implementing around the world.


GOAL operates a wide variety of development programs in thirteen countries across the globe. GOAL responds to natural disasters, as it did with the 2010 earthquake in Haiti; facilitates healthcare and nutrition programs; brings clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to communities through its WASH programs, as it has in many of the countries where it operates; runs HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs; and also operates specialized programs, such as the Brick Kilns Programme in India, which was recently mentioned in a Chrisitian Science Monitor article.

GOAL in Asia

GOAL operates development programs, such as their WASH program, in India and has responded to crises in Pakistan.

International Rescue Committee

The IRC is a four-star rated 501(c)(3) non-profit that responds to humanitarian crises and refugee needs. The organization responds to emergencies all over the world and works to create deep solutions to a multitude of problems.

Get Involved

Donate, volunteer, or find out how else to help.


In times of emergency, the IRC is committed to arriving within 72 hours, bringing necessary support and supplies. The IRC follows through on its work, by providing post-crisis support, helping refugees adapt to their new lives. 92% of IRC’s funding goes directly to program expenses. The IRC has provided 1.7 million people with access to clean drinking water and vaccinated over 500,000 children. Read more statistics about the impact that the IRC is making.

 International Rescue Committee in Asia and Oceania

See where the IRC is active in Asia and Oceania.

International Women’s Health Coalition

The IWHC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports women’s health around the world by working with a network of governments, UN agencies, and local agents to affect both policy and grassroots work.

Get Involved

IWHC has a phenomenal trove of resources and information readily available concerning the important issues that women face around the world when it comes to their bodies. Take time to look at some of the articles, facts, and a wide variety of other informational resources available, and understand why the group dedicates its resources to the issues it does. The IWHC also summarizes its work in annual reports. Donate to the International Women’s Coalition. There are also job offerings available, if you would like to get involved with the organization’s work.


The IWHC works to empower individuals in addressing the issues women face: “Since 1984, we have provided over $16.5 million in grants to women and youth advocates” ( Primary concerns of the organization include the connections between the health and reproductive rights of women and youth across the globe. The IWHC seeks to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic, lack of reproductive knowledge and education, access to safe abortion, sexual rights, and gender equality. Overall, the IWHC “… promotes and protects the sexual and reproductive rights and health (SRRH) of all women and young people…” (

International Women’s Health Coalition in Asia

IWHC has works on health reforms in Bangladesh, to ensure women’s health in India, works with organizations in Indonesia, supports a sexual health resource center in Pakistan, and supports a variety of regional programs.


Islamic Relief Worldwide

Islamic Relief Worldwide is a “relief and development charity” focusing on poor communities all over the world. Islamic Relief USA is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, while other local partners are registered in their respective countries. Islamic Relief USA is rated four stars on charity navigator. IRW operates development, disaster response, environmental impact, health, education, and child welfare programs.

Get Involved

Consider donating to Islamic Relief Worldwide or one of its local partners. If you wish to get involved with an international NGO at a more in depth level, consider applying for one of the many open job positions at Islamic Relief Worldwide. The IR USA donation page allows you to select where you would like to direct your donated funds. Options include “where it is needed most,” orphan support, emergencies, food for Ramadan, or humanitarian assistance. Also, consider looking through IRW’s plethora of research and analysis resources.


Islamic Relief Worldwide’s comprehensive work includes programs focusing on sustainable livelihoods, including micro credit programs, vocational and agricultural training, among other opportunities; education, including early childhood education, literacy training, technology exposure, and other services; Health and Nutrition, including eyesight, food security, clinics, and other health services programs; orphans and child welfare, including orphan sponsorship, education opportunities for orphans, and other programs; water and sanitation, including well digging initiatives and other water security-related programs; and emergency relief & disaster preparedness programs. Currently, Islamic Relief USA is focusing on the East and West African food crises, as well as humanitarian relief for those affected by conflict in Syria.

Islamic Relief Worldwide in Asia

IRW works in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, and has operated a variety of programs in various territories, including emergency response and disaster relief, health services, community development, water security, small business programs, education, shelter, and medical programs.

Mai Tam House of Hope

The Mai Tam House of Hope is a non-profit organization in Ho Chi Minh City housing and feeding children who either have HIV/AIDS or have been affected by the disease. Through its various programs, the center supports orphans whose parents died from HIV/AIDS, children with HIV/AIDS, mothers, and widows.

Get Involved

Stormwarriors International has personally visited and spoken with Mai Tam founder and director Father John Toai, and can attest to the compassionate nature of the effective work being done in their facilities. Beginning in July 2012, Stormwarriors International will be making a monthly contribution of $300 to ensure that 10 children will receive the HIV/AIDS medication they need. Consider donating to the Mai Tam House of Hope in support of all they do. Funding for Mai Tam arrives via individual or group donations, grants, and other sources.


According the website, the center is now able to support over 500 women and children in need ( Besides offering food, shelter, and medication for children with or affected by HIV/AIDS, Mai Tam now operates a variety of effective programs. They offer medical services (including prevention of mother-to-child transmission), an independent living house for the children that grow to reach adolescence, opportunities for residents to make some income through a workshop program, education opportunities for children who may not have them otherwise (either helping to place children in schools, or through their own in-house classrooms), a walk-in clinic, housing for widowed mothers and their HIV/AIDS children, a flower shop to generate income in support of Mai Tam, and a hospice for terminally ill AIDS patients.

Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a daily meal to disadvantaged and poor children all over the world, often through already established schools and education programs. This school-based approach to fighting hunger is very similar to the approach used by Deworm the World and other school-based programs. Aid workers recognize the powerful draw of education, and the incalculable good a daily meal can do to support a child’s education.

Get Involved

The Mary’s Meals website offers various ways to get involved with helping to feed, and in indirectly to help educate, children around the world. Consider fundraising for Mary’s Meals,  volunteering with the organization, sponsoring a school, or making a donation.


According to the website, there are “… 300 million chronically hungry children in the world” with millions dying every year ( The website also hosts a breakdown of who they are feeding where. According to this information page, Mary’s Meals is currently supplying around 654,961 children in 16 countries around the world with a daily meal. The approach of providing a school-based meal is really about time allocation. Many, many children in the world must allocate their time towards survival activities, such as working for, or gathering food. There is a recognized correlation between food security and school attendance, particularly if available food is one more draw bringing children in each day. A daily meal ensures that school children are able to concentrate on their studies, dedicating themselves to activities beyond mere survival. In addition to Mary’s Meals focus on school-based meal programs, the organization has also provided emergency relief around the world.

Mary’s Meals in Asia 

Mary’s Meals feeds children at boarding houses and an orphanage in  Myanmar, and school-based programs in India (where they also reach out to non-formal education centers in order to support disadvantaged children), the Philippines (where they also reach out to street children), and Thailand.


Narayantala Mass Communication Society

Narayantala Mass Communication Society is an NGO working locally in West Bengal, India. It is one of the NGOs working closely with Irish non-profit GOAL.

Get Involved

Look here for contact information for Narayantala Mass Communication Society. While SWI cannot point you towards a concrete donation system via the internet at this time, we suggest you consider looking into Irish non-profit GOAL, an organization that works alongside Narayantala Mass Communication Society.


According to the Christian Science Monitor, Narayantala Mass Communications works alongside GOAL to educate the children of India’s brickmaking workforce, composed largely of poor, low-caste or migrant workers, their rights, reading, and arithmetic. Read about the associated Brick Kilns Programme.

New Light

The New Light shelter in Kolkata, India operates programs that run the gamut, from operating as a safe haven and recreational facility for children and community members, to providing healthcare and microfinance services. Journalist Nicholas Kristof mentions the New Light shelter in his blog post on foreign aid. New Light is connected to the Californian 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization The Shadhika Foundation.

Get Involved

Kristof offers the suggestion of teaching English as one possible way to help at new Light. New Light accepts volunteers and suggests a variety of ways to contribute to their work.


New Light feeds and educates children while providing a wide variety of services and programs to the greater community. According to the New Light website, the Kalighat Creche hosts a children’s crèche 24/7 program that serves over 150 kids. Please visit the website to read about the many other ways in which the New Light shelter has made an impact in the Kolkata community.



Nurse-Family Partnership

The NFP program is a non-profit serving low-income, first time mothers. Women with newborns or children up to two years old can rely on home visits from knowledgeable and competent registered nurses. Nurses are available to ensure that women experience a healthy pregnancy, and have the proper knowledge and support needed to care for their child. Independent agents implement the NFP program on a community basis. The Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office works with the Invest in Kids organization to support these community-based NFP programs. Outside of the US, NFP programs are supported by the Nurse-Family Partnership International Program.  The NFP is rated four-stars on Charity Navigator.

Get Involved

Read the Fixes article to get a sense of the program’s operations and success, as well as important political news regarding the future of similar programs. Donate to the Nurse-Family partnership to support the trusting relationship between Nurse practitioners and vulnerable mothers.


The NFP has been consistently studied and evaluated during its operational period. A post on the blog Fixes talks about some of the evaluated success of the program. According to the article, which cites a variety of studies, the program has been studied for decades and has assisted 151,000 families.

Nurse-Family Partnership in Oceania

There are currently NFP programs in Australia.

Oxfam International

Oxfam International is comprised of a group of 15 smaller organizations in 98 countries working together towards the common goal of ending poverty. The organization is often involved in bringing aid to emergency situations and disasters. The organization is rated four stars on charity navigator. Dedicated to a message of equality and voice for all, Oxfam outlines its mission and approach in it statement of Purposes and Beliefs.

Mission Statement: Oxfam International has a comprehensive list of Purposes and Beliefs, among them its statement of Vision: “Oxfam’s vision is a just world without poverty. We envision a world in which people can influence decisions which affect their lives, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of a world in which all human beings are valued and treated equally.”

Current Emergencies

Oxfam offers a fantastic summary of current global emergencies on its website. This page acts a hub from which Storm Warriors can hone in on a specific issue that Oxfam is addressing.

Get involved!

The Oxfam website has a page dedicated to assisting you in getting involved with Oxfam. Look for current job openings with Oxfam, learn how you can be an Oxfam volunteer, explore Oxfam onsocial networks and share with your friends, help fundraise through the Unwrapped andTrailwalker programs, or share your own ideas with Oxfam.

GROW Campaign

The number of people without adequate food in this world has started increasing dramatically. To combat this, Oxfam International launched the GROW campaign, which will address and review the world’s current food infrastructure. Oxfam will strive to ensure that small agricultural producers are supported in an effort to feed the projected population of 9 billion people by 2050. Please look into this important program which is seeking to address some of the most difficult problems surrounding food production for a growing population.

For a detailed look at Oxfam’s yearly activity, please refer to their annual reports.

Donate to Oxfam.

Oxfam International in Asia and Oceania



Hong Kong

New Zealand

Japan (Oxfam observer member)



Pratham is a major Indian non-profit organization focused on providing and supporting accessible education. The group operates a variety of programs that address early learning, illiteracy, access to books, and other education-related issues. The organization also has a US branch: Pratham USA, a four-star, 501(c)(3) non-profit, which is supported by major philanthropic organizations including, among others, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GE Foundtion, and the Omidyar Network. One of Pratham’s successful programs includes the non-profit publisher Pratham Books. The Christian Science Monitor ran a fantastic profile on Rohini Nilekani, an Indian philanthropist and the founder and chairperson of Pratham Books. She is quoted in the article as saying that her mission is to “… put a book in every child’s hand” (

Get Involved

Get involved with Pratham by donating, volunteering, or even visiting a Pratham organization location, which would allow you to see first hand the work they are accomplishing. If you were interested in Rohini Nilekani and the work Pratham Books is doing, consider volunteering your time or artistic talents to Pratham Books, donating, or otherwise helping to fund the organization and put books in the hands of kids who need them.


Check out the impact Pratham is having. Pratham works hard to address the multiplicity of education issues in India by publishing affordable and accessible reading material through Pratham Books, operating preschool programs and Pratham Open Schools, advocating for education reform, and maintaining a variety of other successful programs. Read about case examples of children who have benefited from educational opportunities through Pratham. Pratham is able to make a difference and reach over 2.4 million children in rural India through their Pratham’s Read India program alone ( The Pratham USA website emphasizes the extent of illiteracy in India, the site cites that almost half of all Indian children (the site says there are about 210 million children in India) are illiterate (


Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

RAWA is an award winning women’s rights organization of Afghan women. They are affiliated with the 501(c)3 non-profit Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, as well as the Afghan Women’s Mission. RAWA is a politically oriented organization with a firmly anti-fundamentalist stance.

Get Involved

RAWA actively publishes a variety of materials related to their work. Explore the variety of important projects RAWA is engaged in. The organization relies mostly on individual donations for their funding. If you are comfortable with their political aspects, consider making a donation to help support Afghan women and Afghan refugees in Pakistan.


RAWA is incredibly active in Afghanistan and Pakistan, operating the vitally important Malalai clinic, located in a refugee camp in Pakistan. Tens of thousands of refugees in Khewa camp rely on this clinic for their daily medical needs. Patients pay a small fee to register, but can then receive absolutely free medical treatment. In addition to the clinic, RAWA operates Literacy Program for Afghan Women along other educational initiatives, programs to care for orphans, food distribution and emergency relief, rescuing and educating prostitutes, and reconstruction projects, among other programs.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan in Asia

RAWA operates primarily in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Shakti Vahini

Shakti Vahini is a non-profit, Indian organization dedicated to combatting social problems and fighting disparity and inequality.

Get Involved

Internships working towards promoting human rights in India are available with Shakti Vahini.


Shakti Vahini works for the poor and the disadvantaged in a variety of ways. Shakti Vahini operates the Centre for Legal Research & Training (CLRT) and the National Network of Lawyers for Rights and Justice, among other human rights Initiatives. Read through some of their publications for more information on the specific work they are doing. The organization was also mentioned in a New York Times article article about child labor in India due to their anti-trafficking work and expertise.

Somaly Mam Foundation

The Somaly Mam Foundation is an organization that envisions “… a world where women and children are safe from slavery” ( SMF is a non-profit organization working towards ending sex slavery. The organization works in Southeast Asia where human trafficking is a major problem. SMF works to raise awareness about sex slavery and human trafficking while also supporting and empowering survivors. Somaly Mam, the woman for whom the foundation was named, was also honored as a CNN Hero.

Get Involved

Consider donating to the Somaly Mam Foundation, or otherwise getting involved through one of the other ways listed on their website, including through volunteer work, or by simply spreading the word.


According to the Somaly Mam website, the Asia Pacific region has the highest rates of forced labor. The statistic that the site quotes says that 11.7 million people are currently forced labor victims, 55% of which are estimated to be women and girls ( SMF works to support survivors of human trafficking and sex slavery, while also working towards ending sex slavery, through grassroots programs and supporting survivors.

Touch A Life Foundation

Touch A Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to provide long-term support for children all over the world through their care centers. They offer their services to “…vulnerable and exploited children in Southeast Asia and West Africa,” many of whom have been trafficked or forced into labor.

Get Involved

Donate, sponsor a child, volunteer domestically or abroad, become a partner, or read more about human trafficking.


The Touch A Life Foundation began its humble origins as a small apartment offering refuge to 15 of Vietnam’s many street children. Now the organization supports hundreds of children across three different countries (

Touch A Life Foundation in Asia

Touch A Life actively supports hundreds of children in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Vital Voices Global Partnership

Vital Voices is a 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization with a four star rating on charity navigator.  They have supplied some financial information for further confirmation. Vital Voices is built on a wide network of individuals, bringing together a multitude of professionals, leaders, and corporate executives who wish to nurture the potential of women worldwide. This partnership seeks to tease out and amplify those voices with the greatest leadership potential, and provide them with the tools they need to facilitate progress in their communities.

Get Involved

Besides donating to Vital Voices, you can register to join the Global Leadership Network directory and take a look at the Vital Voices Collection. The directory offers many social networking features, and allows you to connect with the powerful and energized women behind this Global Partnership. The collection is one way to support the Entrepreneurs in Handcrafts program (some of the money from which is reinvested into the program), where handcrafted goods are available through Bridge for Africa  or Umoja Women’s Shop. Those interested in volunteer opportunities should contact Internships and career paths are also available.


According to the Vital Voices website, they have “…trained and mentored more than 10,000 emerging women leaders from 127 countries…” who have proceeded to make a difference in their respective communities. Vital Voices is one of twelve organization members of the Alliance To End Slavery & Trafficking. They have also presented information gathered through their Cameroon Initiative to Combat Human Trafficking as a part of an INTERPOL Specialists Group meeting.

Vital Voices in Asia

Convening in New Delhi, India, Vital Voices drew women leaders from “…24 countries across Asia…” for the Women’s Leadership and Training Summit. Vital Voices also works in Cameroon, a major human trafficking hotspot, to develop responses to human trafficking.

World Food Programme

According to their website, the World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Hunger is the world’s number one health risk, taking more lives every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. The WFP is the United Nation’s food aid organization, providing food for 109.2 million of the world’s hungry poor in 2010 alone.

Mission Statement: The World Food Programme has a lengthy mission statement available on their website. Essentially, the primary goal of the WFP is to promote food security, defined in the WFP mission statement as, “as access of all people at all times to the food needed for an active and healthy life.” This is done with the ultimate objective of eliminating any need for food aid by eliminating hunger and poverty. It is clear from the mission statement that the WFP strives to address localized emergency scenarios, as well as more permanent cases of hunger throughout the world.

The World Food Programme tackles hunger issues in a variety of ways, including providing school meals, providing food incentives for work on infrastructure, buying staple foods from local farms in developing countries through Purchase for Progress, and other programs. The WFP also operates the non-profit Free Rice website, where every question answered correctly is translated into a donation of ten grains of rice. Storm Warriors can also quickly feed a child with a warm meal simply by taking this quiz on the WFP site! 

Women 4 Women

The WFP recognizes the central importance that empowered women play to their communities through its efforts in establishing programs to feed hungry mothers and female students. Women who are given the opportunity to reach their potential often have a positive effect on the communities they inhabit. Through the WFP Storm Warriors can provide sustenance for a pregnant or new mother (ensuring the proper nourishment of the mother will ensure the birth of a well nourished child), help young women continue their education by providing school meals, and contribute to theWomen’s Empowerment Fund, which uses a variety of creative and flexible food solutions to empower Women around the world. 

The World Food Programme also takes general donations – $1 can feed four children!

World Food Programme in Asia

Onagawa Night School

On March 11, 2011 Japan suffered a devastatingly brutal combination of powerful earthquake and resulting tsunami. In the aftermath of this horrific event, some organizations are responding to ensure that children affected by the natural disasters are still able to receive an education. iLEAP and Katariba have partnered to bring these students, many of whom have lost their homes, the Onagawa Night School, a program offering free classes under The Collaborative School project.

Get Involved

Jolkona offers the options of sponsoring one night school class, or sending a child to night school for one month. Both of these options will include a “Proof of Impact” to provide evidence that your funds are making a difference.


Onagawa is one of the hardest hit areas. “… approximately 25% of elementary and junior-high students in the [sic] Onagawa are living at an evacuation center or temporary shelter.” By providing this night school service, these students will have a support system to encourage and foster their learning despite the disrupted environment.


The Citizens Foundation

TCF is a non-profit organization working to create a better education environment in Pakistan. Their main page features a rotating banner declaring facts related to education in Pakistan. One of the ones that may greet you is the statistic that 7 million children are out of school in Pakistan. TCF is working to change that, and to promote equality in the process: “The vision of TCF is to remove barriers of class and privilege and to make the citizens of Pakistan Agents of Positive Change” (

Get Involved

Consider donating to TCF or volunteering your time to support education in Pakistan. Explore TCF through their publications. TCF also has a variety of career and internship opportunities.


TCF establishes schools as positive learning environments for students. They also run programs to thoroughly train their teachers. Their website describes some of the major impact that TCF has had on the education scene in Pakistan: “As of 2012, TCF has established 830 purpose-built school units nationwide with an enrollment of 115,000 students” (



VIETNAM ASSISTANCE & RELIEF: Global Village Foundationis a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, founded in 1999 by author and humanitarian Le Ly Hayslip. They organize sustainable community development projects rooted in education and peace-building at the grassroots level.

OVERALL GOAL:Breaking generational cycles of rural poverty, illiteracy, and hopelessness.

CURRENT PROJECTS:A portable mobile library project for primary-school aged youth; a blind massage center project; a dental health and education project; and a rural infrastructure development project.

HOW IT WORKS:Primarily empowering economically marginalized rural community members through literacy development and health education programs.

RESULTS: People are achieving income sufficiency and opportunity to participate in greater equity in Vietnam’s socioeconomic development.

About Le Ly Hayslip: Highly regarded as a humanitarian, philanthropist and peacemaker. She has devoted herself to the children of Asia while building a bridge of peace between the United States and Vietnam over the last 20 years.  Le Ly Hayslip is a Vietnamese-American who grew up in a poor village near Da Nang, Vietnam during the war. She is the author of two autobiographical bestsellers; When Heaven and Earth Changed Places and Child of War, Woman of Peace, which were adapted for the film Heaven and Earth by Academy Award-winning director, Oliver Stone.

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