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A Message from the Executive Director

- Jon Nappa, Executive Director
Storm Warriors International

Welcome aboard, Storm Warriors. This month's issue features some daunting facts about human trafficking; shares behind-the-scenes images and insights from our on-location shoot in Senegal, Africa for the Partners For World Health organization; provides a survey that lets us know which aspects of our newsletter you appreciate most; and introduces our latest technology section describing one of the new cameras we are about to purchase for our on-the-go shoots in the field and around the planet.

First up is the hot-button topic of human trafficking. Storm Warriors is working with multiple human trafficking initiatives. One of them is called Just Love and is based in Portland, Maine. This faith-based effort is preparing to launch a well-trained and organized effort to intervene and

rescue young men and women who have been forced into the sex slave trade. In this issue, you'll encounter some amazing statistics as published by the government's Blue Campaign awareness project. You'll learn much about trafficking in the USA. Future issues will feature specific profiles of Just Love and other organizations we're partnering with who are doing vital work in rescuing, recovering and restoring those enslaved in this horrid industry. Just Love's work includes intervention and rescue and supporting the survivors all the way through to recovery, sustainable independent living, regained freedom, health and hope.

One of our premiere producers-at-large, David Wright, is in Senegal, Africa right now on behalf of Storm Warriors. We're supporting the priceless work of Partners For World Health. This organization provides urgently needed medical supplies to third-world locations that otherwise would never get them. Without such supplies, needless and heartbreaking deaths and disease prevail. Not this time! With over $250,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment plus the efforts and works of hundreds of volunteers and scores of doctors and nurses, rescue, relief and recovery is delivered on time and just in time and Storm Warriors are there to help. The medical supplies being distributed are gathered from USA hospital surpluses that would otherwise end up in landfills or wasted despite being unexpired and unopened.

Do you like our humanitarian organization profiles occurring in our monthly newsletter? Or are you best enjoying the actual video snippets sharing the vision, mission and purpose of different organizations? Or the interviews with real-life survivors who have been helped through our coalition efforts? Do you prefer the articles aimed at informing and inspiring you how to get more involved with humanitarian projects? Or, do you find the technology sections interesting and worthy of your exploration? How about behind-the-scenes footage and related stories?

Be sure to take the SURVEY included in this month's issue and let us know. You can also opt to tell what else you'd like to find in the newsletter.

Finally, as Storm Warriors continues to ramp up and scale up its production capacities and production tools, we share some thoughts about what goes into a camera purchase decision.

What is Human Trafficking?

Storm Warriors is embedded with a couple of organizations in Maine that are working hard to end human trafficking. The infographic below, created by the Blue Campaign breaks down the definitions and gives you tools to spot signs of human trafficking in your community.

Behind The Scenes In Senegal

On May 18th we sent award-winning Storm-Warrior-at-large Producer and Cinema- tographer, David Wright, on location to Senegal, Africa to deeply embed with the Partners For World Health Organization (PWH) as they conduct emergency medical supply operations to a people and place that would otherwise have to go without them.

David Wright films the life saving efforts of Partners for World Health in Senegal.

Many lives are being saved, healed and attended to in compassionate and comprehensive ways even as you read this. Scores of volunteer doctors and nurses and hundreds of volunteers are working together to bring urgently needed supplies and services. David has begun what will be a several month Storm Warriors project of working shoulder-to-shoulder with PWH to help them tell their story. We will be documenting the vision, mission and purpose in real-time action as well as meeting up close and personal with those who are being treated and saved. PWH was founded by Elizabeth McLellan, RN, MPH. She began collecting discarded medical supplies in her home while she was working as a nursing supervisor at Maine Medical Center.

In 2009, she founded Partners for World Health and began shipping the supplies overseas. When she had accumulated 11,000 pounds in her home, filling the kitchen, dining room, and basement, Elizabeth realized it was time to expand. She rented a small warehouse, which has been long since outgrown. They now have a 15,000 sq. foot shipping center and a 11,000 sq. foot distribution center/office. PWH has accomplished something of astounding scale and nearly miraculous benefit and they don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. In this issue, Storm Warriors begins to introduce you to this vital life-saving organization and their inspiring mission, which you can get involved with, if you are so inclined....

Storm Warriors will be working with the footage David has captured to tell the Partners For World Health story, so make sure to check back in at and keep up to date with their efforts at
You can also follow the rest of David's journey on Facebook or Instagram.

THE $10,000.00 JUNE MATCH

Storm Warriors International has an incredible opportunity to DOUBLE the GIFT of anyone who gives any amount up to $10,000 during the month of June. This means a $5 gift becomes $10; a $50 gift becomes $100; and on and on up to $10,000. If you've been wanting your gift to go as far as it can, then having it doubled is one sure way to do that.

Initiative #1

Teens who have been sex-trafficked. These are teens right here in the USA who were kidnapped and forced into the degrading lifestyle of forced sex workers. Once rescued, they need love, support and lots of help. You can help us, help them.

Initiative #2

People who have Substance Use Disorder. These are neighbors who are getting help in a non-judgemental environment for their active recovery. SWI is helping MCRC, who is currently purchasing safe houses for those who need them.

Initiative #3

People in need of medical supplies. PWH collects unused medical supplies from local medical facilities and distributes them to people in need from far away countries while also sending along urgently needed medical personnel to provide emergency services; and scores of volunteers to assist in many ways including educating communities about global health issues.


*First 25 respondents will receive their choice of a hat or T-shirt! Must provide email address to be considered.

Storm Warriors has two basic considerations for cameras. Studio cameras or on-location? For our studio configurations we are going with BlackMagic Design which we will profile in a future issue and we'll list some of the reasons for the choice. However, for our run-and-gun or on-location shoots, we are going with the camera seen below - the SONY FS7. Simply put, it's sturdier and able to endure harder knocks than the BlackMagic collection and that's a big consideration when considering long distance traveling, on-location shooting and rapid-style requirements. But there are other sturdy cameras nearly as good, such as the SONY FS5.

So, how do you choose? Of course, there's a lot more that goes into a camera purchase decision than simply how sturdy it is. Like camera resolution, for instance. So, here's a chance for you to get a sneak peek and eavesdrop a little on a conversation between Storm Warriors and one of its camera purchasing consultants. (Warning: you're about to collide with a lot of technical jargon!):

The Sony FS7 from B&H

Well, what's the difference in this case?

Technically the FS5 (like the a7S II) doesn't actually shoot in 4K. It shoots in UHD which is 3840 x 2160 with 16:9 (1.78:1) aspect ratio rather than the full Cinematic 4K which is 4096 x 2160 with 1.9:1 aspect ratio which the FS7 can handle. The FS7 also shoots up to 60fps (rather than the 30fps of its little brothers) and does so using an Intraframe 10bit 4:2:2 codec recording at up to 600Mbps. The FS5 makes do with a Long Gop QFHD 4:2:0 8 bit codec recording at 100Mbps and, as just mentioned, can only shoot up to 30fps.

Short version is the FS5 is compact, very portable and great for these kind of shoots, but the image is not as robust when it comes to grading. FS7 is physically bigger and records at higher quality, but also costs more... FS7 can also record 4 audio channels, FS5 only two... four is a big help when we don't have a sound tech in the field.

What about compared to the BlackMagic?

For interviews, the BlackMagic cameras are fantastic - great skin tone, quick to setup, excellent workhorse of a camera design/body. I actually prefer them, in some cases to the RED (though not the Alexa) and definitely to something like a Sony FS7/FS5. Skin tone is so very key to interviews and the BlackMagic sensor (the 4K sensor) does a great job. The Sony tends to be a little "cold-looking" and the skin looks a little less natural and it's actually hard to get it just right in a color grade. Of course, all these cameras make wonderful pictures, I'm just being very picky.

However, as a run-and-gun camera, none of the BlackMagics (except perhaps the MiniPro) really work out great. They're heavy, bulky and are missing some features that make run-and-gun really do-able. Oddly enough, one of these is having really solid-sounding audio inputs for going straight into the camera when you don't have a sound person with you. The Sony has great-sounding audio inputs.

The BlackMagic also suffers from needing to be rigged for quick handheld work, whereas the FS7 and FS5 are built for it right out of the box. It's not a huge issue with BlackMagic, just attach and shoulder mount, some handlebars or a side-grip, a top handle, a battery plate, a viewfinder... see what I mean? Sure, you can build a great handheld rig on a BlackMagic - but you have to build it. And it adds weight. The FS7/FS5 comes with all of this built into the body.

And the Sony cameras have faster native ISOs than the BlackMagic. The 4.6K sensor is native 800 and it looks good. But 1600 looks pretty chunky. Meanwhile, the Sony cameras are usable well beyond 1600 and even 3200. So in low light (run and gun), the Sonys win in my opinion. And thus, they are a more well-rounded camera in general. They shoot pretty nice interviews, they are easy to work with on sticks, they're great handheld (especially the FS5) and they have all the features you need built into them. They don't shoot RAW natively and their 4K is really UHD and it's highly compressed, but that's not really a bad thing - it keeps file sizes down so you're not eating through media when you shoot 4K - another thing the BlackMagic cameras don't excel at. 4K on a BlackMagic creates rather large file sizes. It's also not highly compressed, so there's fewer compression artifacts in the image, but for many scenarios, those artifacts are not really an issue.

At the end of the day a side-by-side comparison might be helpful. Shoot a test interview with both. Shoot low light with both. Shoot run and gun outside b-roll with both. It would be fun and it'll be very revealing as to what both cameras do best.

Another camera to throw into the mix is the C300 Mark II - it's more expensive than the FS5 or the BlackMagic URSA Pro, but it's a great all-around camera. I've shot quite a bit with it and its big brother, the C500 and have never been disappointed in the final result. The C300 is probably the most used camera on this type of production.

See? Now isn't the choice obvious?

The BlackMagic URSA Mini from B&H

On May 10th, Storm Warriors International had the opportunity to be a guest on the local radio show, Good Morning, Belfast!. In addition to WBFY 100.9 F.M., the show also broadcasts on Belfast Community TV (BCTV), channel 2 in Belfast and Maine Coast TV, channel 7 in Rockland.

Good Morning, Belfast! covers the arts, business and community affairs in Waldo and Knox counties, and includes performances by local musicians and entertainers.

Host George Frangoulis interviewed Executive Director and Founder of Storm Warriors International, Jon Nappa, about his journey of writing the historical fiction novel, Storm Warriors, and its ties to the Not-for-Profit namesake. Jon also discusses his background in film and screen writing and moving his family to Camden.

The full episode is available for viewing below, and the Storm Warriors segment starts at 12 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

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