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...There are cries around the world that must be heard.

April 2018 Newsletter

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"It's not so much what you believe that matters most, but what you believe strongly enough to act upon, that makes all the difference in the world."

- Jon Nappa, Executive Director
Storm Warriors International

Introducing Storm Warriors International

Storm Warriors International is a not-for-profit organization that helps you get involved in helping your community and find more purpose in your giving. Are you already involved in helping others but want to find additional ways to help? Or, have you yet to take that first step because you don’t know how to get started? We can help you find out all you need to know to discover where and how to begin.

Whenever you get involved with a charitable organization, you want to make sure they have integrity and are effective. One without the other can lead to disappointment and prove to be a waste of your contribution. Additionally, you may want to select an organization that deals with a specific kind of crisis, due to your own personal reasons. Perhaps you’ve experienced something similar and want to give back or know of someone struggling with a very specific issue that you want to support. Then again, you may want to help with as many different, verifiable and worthy causes as you can. Storm Warriors helps you do all of these things.

How do we do it?

We deeply embed into the organizations we promote and support. We go inside the organizations and meet the leaders, the staff, the volunteers and the people they serve. We learn of their methods and their outcomes, their reputation and their track record. If they pass the muster, we go in and document their works-in-progress. We develop and deliver comprehensive media packages and communications support, at no charge. The tools we gift to these organizations are used for many things, including volunteer recruitment, staff training, awareness campaigns, and fundraising efforts.

What kinds of results do these efforts deliver?

These media tools have consistently had tremendous impact, whether it be in raising money, locating talent, improving services, or achieving other benefits. In each case, the outcomes are always in fulfillment of the primary goal – to rescue and restore those in need of help.

How do you get involved?

There are many ways.
1) You may explore the various organizations we have helped. You will find them profiled on our website with active links to those same organizations. You may get involved with any or all of them in whatever capacity you choose. Let us know when you do!
2) Or, you may simply decide to support them and others by contributing to Storm Warriors continuing program of comprehensive support for multiple humanitarian organizations. You may provide a one-time gift or a renewing gift. The choice is yours.
3) You may become a part of the Storm Warriors creative contributors team. You will find some of them profiled on our website as well. If you become an active contributor to Storm Warriors Projects, you could be profiled on our website. If this is of interest to you, let us know what creative contribution you’d like to be considered for.
4) Perhaps you are not certain if you have any talents, skills, abilities or meaningful contributions of any kind. Maybe you doubt that whatever you have is good enough to make a difference. Storm Warriors can inspire, inform and embolden you to unleash your inner Storm Warrior! Simply stay engaged with us from newsletter to newsletter and video production to video production and find the inspiration you need! We welcome you aboard!

Homelessness is a real crisis in America and all over the world.

Designer Suit versus
Warm Blanket

By Chris Finn,
Director of Global Development

Do you ever wonder if you’re just a bit player on a divinely rigged stage? This particular scene unfolded for me during a rare spate of heavy rain gushing down while I was commuting home on Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles. The dark gray clouds and rolling thunder were already creating an impression, until I spotted him. He stood motionless on the corner, adding an even darker texture to the storm. I slowed to a near halt as I approached the intersection where a municipal drain had backed up. L.A. is not built to handle rain storms very well.

Suddenly, I’m in a puddle that seemed capable of swallowing my new company car. I had been on sales calls all day and had my best suit on, complete with suspenders, power tie and wickedly shiny dress shoes. Needless to say, the last thing I wanted to do was exit my vehicle in this mess; so I approached the flood zone with caution.

Boom! Another thunderous crack heralded a fresh downpour and then I realized the man on the corner did not look right. What was he doing out in this deluge? He was a tall 30 something with a dark, thick beard that made me think, “Greek philosopher”. But he was looking up at the sky bewildered, almost child-like in his gaze. The rain was heavy; a mere 2 seconds outside of the cozy, heated interior of my car would spell saturation and a mandatory trip to the dry cleaners for the fancy pants.

As the flood now swirling around my front tires brought me to a full stop, a thought shot through my mind: “The trunk is full of new blankets; this guy needs help”.

It was true. I had told my wife that I didn’t want to give out cash to folks asking for handouts on the street. I’d give away food, clothes, or…you guessed it: blankets, but not cash. My idea of giving away blankets was to cheery eyed, grateful recipients on dry days with my fancy duds out of jeopardy, not when it might result in me getting the worst of the deal!

Trapped by my own well meaning, the better angels got hold of me. The cars behind me were also stopped completely to avoid getting swamped in the “puddle” that was now about the size of Lake Huron. I stopped the car completely, applied the emergency brake, took a deep breath and exited the vehicle into pelting rain, altering my state of being from dry-to-wet in less than the blinking of an eye.

I didn’t travel with an umbrella in the car in Los Angeles. Who in the world would take such an obsessive, unnecessary step of paranoid precaution? I felt the irony of my own internal dialogue, “It wasn’t raining when I left the house”.

My suit was soaked before I reached the rear of the car. My blue suspenders, ironically, had leaping golden dolphins embroidered on them. They now adorned a completely soaked white shirt tucked into dress pants which were all sticking to my skin like a surfer’s wet suit. By the time I retrieved 2 large blankets from the trunk of the car, sounds were emanating from my shoes. “Squish, squish” went my dapper wing tips as water now came up from my ankles in spurts each time I put a foot down.
Since nobody was moving their cars anyway, I took my time walking to the apparition with the handsome face and thick beard looking at me through the rain. I smiled at him; he offered a blank gaze in return. I offered the blankets.

He took them hungrily and had the presence of mind to unfold a large one and drape it over his shoulders. Without a word, he turned and walked away slowly and deliberately off into the rain alone….at least a little warmer than he was a few minutes earlier. I walked back to the car, still idling at the flooded intersection with other motorists looking on and wondering, I suppose, at the ridiculous scene that just played out.

I never saw him again. But that moment helped me remember that the young man could easily have been me. I could have needed those blankets had circumstances been reversed. Maybe it made a difference, a small one perhaps, but that’s not what counts. The young man, lost in his illness, addiction, hopelessness…whatever, is still within reach, within hope, within the reach of someone’s love. For some, just making it through another day is vital, noble.

Little things matter, sometimes a great deal. Someone corrected my thinking once after I foolishly dropped out of high school. Their single comment, “Hey, you’re pretty smart; don’t sell yourself short” wrapped around me like a warm blanket and led to my graduating cum laude from business school.

Other things, seemingly small at first, blossomed into greater understanding. One cold night, a hotel security guard intentionally overlooked the trespasses of a desperate man I knew very well. He was in difficult straits and wound up sleeping in the back stairway of the hotel that freezing night. The guard kindly let him sleep and didn’t wake him until hours later, allowing him to rest until the last minute. After he awoke, he found the resolve to head back home. Things changed for him dramatically after that night of survival.

He was spotted not long ago on Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles, handing out blankets in the rain.

Storm Warrior Producer-At-Large -
David Wright World-Class Cinematographer

Because Storm Warriors International also helps humanitarian organizations tell their stories, at no charge, many of the Storm Warrior contributors are expert storytellers. Each of these Storm-Warriors-at-Large has his or her own particular specialty, whether it be children in jeopardy, environmental issues, hunger, poverty, human trafficking, threatened wildlife, social injustice, abused or battered women, and a host of other topics. Some travel the globe documenting these stories while others specialize in certain regions or focus here at home.


David Wright is a world traveler who has done work for multiple not-for-profit organizations, National Geographic, Discovery, the BBC and with a long track record of working in the broadcast industry, David has also worked with various NGO’s to produce films to promote positive change and that most recently included creating a media package (feature documentary, photo collection and website) to aid Tibetan refugees. He has also worked as an undercover operative in Japan, Costa Rica and China for the Environmental Investigation Agency to document the illegal trade in wildlife.

Later this year, David will be traveling to Bangladesh and Senegal to help document the vital work being done by Partners for World Health. This organization delivers much needed medical supplies to emergency locations that are without any other sources of help. The vision, mission, purpose and the story behind this crucial life-giving organization is amazing, so be sure to check in to later issues of the Storm Warriors Newsletter to find out all about it and fully engage with David and real-life storm warriors, Partners for World Health.

You might ask, "What is a Storm Warrior?" SWI defines him or her as someone who actively engages in alleviating the suffering of others. You may imagine that brave missionaries trekking across the globe performing selfless acts for those in need, putting their well-being on the line for others, are classic Storm Warriors. You would be right, of course, but there are actually many different kinds of storm warriors.

If you look around your community, you'll start to notice everyday Storm Warriors. The woman who takes time out of her day to serve at the soup kitchen. The man who volunteers weekly to help the local food pantry deliver goods to those who have fallen on tough times. These are examples of Storm Warriors, and if you look within yourself, chances are, you are a storm warrior deep inside.

As an organization with a mission, Storm Warriors has traveled many places in the world and also to many places here at home in the United States. As a result, we can safely say that there is much tragedy going on across the planet. We have seen the worst of humanity. However, we have also witnessed something far more amazing, and that is - the very best of humanity. It’s true! Wherever there has been human suffering or crisis of any kind, it has provoked a most wondrous and beautiful response from people who care enough and who dare enough to make a difference.

Many people often underestimate what impact the smallest efforts can make. The truth is that the smallest efforts are not only impacting but also hugely essential in the service to those in desperate need. A kind word, a hug, a hand up is sometimes all it takes to offset despair, stand in the gap, and rescue another.

It may be hard to believe but it is worth taking the time to ponder carefully that there are things that only you can do. There are things that will never happen unless you step up and do them. The need is always bigger than the numbers of those who respond but for everyone who responds, what a difference it makes to the ones they touch. With your help, that touch can be increased.

The lifeboat you can launch is the sum of your gifts, talents, skills, resources and compassion in service to another. So, come on Storm Warrior, climb aboard today and get involved.

SWI Projects

Storm Warriors International is currently working hard to help rescue and recover those struggling with the loss of a child; those who have been kidnapped and forced into the sex slave trade; those struggling with opioid addictions; and those who could succeed if not for a sudden obstacle that tripped them up and knocked them down. In the months ahead, these stories will be found here in these newsletters, on our website, and across the internet on various social media platforms in video form. We invite you to be inspired by them, discover new opportunities to get involved and to share them with others you know would want to see them and get involved.

THE $10,000.00 APRIL MATCH

Storm Warriors International has an incredible opportunity to DOUBLE the GIFT of anyone who gives any amount up to $10,000 during the month of April. This means a $5 gift becomes $10; a $50 gift becomes $100; and on and on up to $10,000. If you've been wanting your gift to go as far as it can, then having it doubled is one sure way to do that.

Initiative #1

Grieving Children and their Families. Help us help families of those who have unexpectedly lost a child. We are working with an organization that provides support during these critical weeks and months.

Initiative #2

Teens who have been sex-trafficked. These are teens right here in the USA who were kidnapped and forced into the degrading lifestyle of forced sex workers. Once rescued, they need love, support and lots of help. You can help us, help them.

What are some of the ways
Storm Warriors uses media
to help support deserving Organizations?

Storm Warriors International produces short form and long form video's to help deserving not-for-profit organizations tell their stories. Some of these stories help them recruit more volunteers, or to raise funds, or to create awareness, or to train helpers. Keep looking in this section of future newsletter issues to see behind-the-scenes stories of how we make these stories and the people who are making them.

Storm Warriors uses:

~ Business Expo in Maine - April 11th

~ Maine Video Association for DSLR Training in Portland, Maine - April 14th

~ NAB in Las Vegas, NV for updating the Virtual Set Technology Capacities - April 6th - 12th

~ Shooting and Editing of the first 2018 SWI Project Initiatives (1 & 2)

Storm Warriors International is excited to start off 2018 in new office space in Camden, Maine. We're gearing up for quite a year in which we will be bringing our own stories to social media along with showcasing several impacting organizations doing vital work. SWI staff and Volunteers-at-Large have been embedding themselves into organizations as they help uncover and tell their stories in ways that will make a difference.

Our upcoming topics are
slated to include:

• Helping legal immigrants become engaged and responsible citizens
• Helping people with brain injury recover and return
• Helping Americans in poverty find ways to prosperity
• Helping homeless break the cycle and come in from the cold

Also, motivational
projects to include:

• How do you discover what my gifts and talents are?
• Where can you find entrance to the world of helping others?

Office: 89 Elm Street, Suite 202 Camden, Maine 04843
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All rights reserved.

Our Purpose: To inspire people all over the world to compassionate, courageous, and selfless acts of rescue.