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...There are cries around the world that must be heard.

Nominate a Deserving Humanitarian Organization

Nominate your candidate for the 1st Annual Storm Warrior Humanitarian Organization Award!

Storm Warriors International needs your help to recognize 10 not-for-profit or non-governmental organizations that are helping to positively impact people’s lives through their organization’s vision, mission, purpose and work.

To identify these generous organizations, we’re inviting you to participate in the nomination process. You tell us: WHICH ORGANIZATION should be considered as a candidate for receiving a Gifted Media Package designed to help them attain specific goals important to their mission.

Here are the qualifications for the nominees:

  1. Any organization that is actively engaged with charitable work devoted to helping others.
  2. This organization demonstrates selfless effort, genuine compassion, and faithful service toward one or more of the following: rescuing, recovering, restoring, or relieving people from difficulties of any kind. The difficulties may be due to man vs. man; man vs. himself; or man vs. nature.
  3. The results of this organization’s efforts have resulted in measurable benefits to people who are hurting in some way.
  4. This organization’s motivations for doing the humanitarian works described are known and recognized to be unselfish, sacrificial and generous in many aspects.
  5. There is at least one overriding factor – whether innovation, success rate, specific outcome, or other – pertaining to this organization’s humanitarian work, that you can share that will be the one final reason why this organization ought to be considered as a winning recipient of a 2018 SWI Storm Warrior Humanitarian Organization Gifted Media Package.
Nominate a Deserving Humanitarian Organization
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Storm Warriors International pursues 5 Key Objectives:

  1. To find the active storms of our age
  2. To artfully craft their stories into authentic and varied forms of powerful telling
  3. To make these stories known on a global scale
  4. To inspire, encourage and facilitate response
  5. To witness and celebrate results, relief and rescue

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