The World Needs Storm Warriors...Are you one?

Like bursting flares firing into the night...

...There are cries around the world that must be heard.


SWI is a not-for-profit foundation devoted to helping deserving not-for-profits (nfp’s) and non-government organizations (ngo’s) to succeed in their missions. SWI accomplishes this by donating media tools custom created for each organization. The media tools inspire, inform and mobilize people and resources that include, among other things, volunteerism and financial contribution to the selected organizations.


Storm Warriors International inspires the planet to make efforts in the storms of life.
It wields the creative arts in ways too rarely called upon—

To awaken in us that which so easily and repeatedly slumbers.

Storm Warriors International pursues 5 key objectives:

1. To find the active storms of our age

2. To craft their stories in authentic and varied forms of powerful telling

3. To make these stories known on a global scale.

4. To inspire, encourage and facilitate response

5. To witness and celebrate results, relief and rescue

Featured Storm Warriors Videos

If you would like to comment on any of our videos and add your voice to the conversation, please be sure to check out the SWI YouTube channel. From there you can comment on, save, and share Storm Warriors videos!

Our Purpose: To inspire people all over the world to compassionate, courageous, and selfless acts of rescue.