The World Needs Storm Warriors...Are you one?

Like bursting flares firing into the night...

...There are cries around the world that must be heard.

The History and Origin

Storm Warriors International was founded in 2009 in North Carolina by author, speaker and producer Jon Nappa. By that time, Nappa had already worked in motion picture and television for over twenty years. An avid reader and collector of nautical books, Nappa discovered an 1875 original edition non-fiction book entitled, Storm Warriors: or, Lifeboat Work on The Goodwin Sands. It was about sea rescues that took place in the English Channel. It referenced the inventor of the English lifeboat and openly wondered what may have motivated him. Eventually, Nappa wrote a historical fiction version merging the authentic rescue accounts with an imagined backstory of what inspired the inventor to risk saving others from the teeth of fierce storms.

Nappa’s Storm Warriors novel, published in 2007 by NavPress, asked a larger question:

What does it take for any of us to be willing to launch
our own lifeboats to rescue those in need?

As Nappa met with readers of the book at book signings, conferences and book clubs, he realized that many were inspired to become modern day storm warriors, with lifeboats comprised of individual gifts, talents and calling. They desired to help others who were in desperate conditions but whose storms were of many kinds. However, Nappa also learned the readers had little vision about how to begin.

Nappa determined to help people become better informed about real-life storms like poverty, genocide, epidemics and other crises, before they would act. Finding no existing business models supporting a continuous effort to tell such stories with an emphasis on inspiring action, Nappa began exploring how such an end might be obtained. He imagined how to encourage, even facilitate, those desiring to become modern day Storm Warriors who act swiftly and relieve completely.

Nappa shared his ideas with television, motion picture and creative artist colleagues. They lauded his vision for an organization that mobilized skillful creative storytellers and media makers.

It followed that these efforts would prove valuable to existing not-for-profits and non-governmental organizations that needed help in telling their stories and engaging contributors to their cause.

In 2017, Storm Warriors International has been established in Camden, Maine, fitted and launched with chart, compass, and map along with a committed crew of Storm Warrior Advisors and Board Members. Key Officers include: Jon Nappa, President; Chris Finn, Vice-President; Charlie White, Secretary; and Jim Deignan, Treasurer. (see Advisory Board)

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Storm Warriors

Jon Nappa’s traditionally published historical novel, Storm Warriors, told a story inspired by true events surrounding the invention of the unsinkable English lifeboat. The book inspired many to want to learn how to become modern day storm warriors and grew into an international organization.

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