The World Needs Storm Warriors...Are you one?

Like bursting flares firing into the night...

...There are cries around the world that must be heard.


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David Wright – Director of Photography, Film Producer, Photographer

David has worked in over 60 countries as a cameraman, producer and photographer. Clients include major television networks such as National Geographic, the BBC, PBS, Discovery and VSOD clients such as Curiosity Stream. With a long track record of working in the broadcast industry, David has also worked with various NGO’s to produce films to promote positive change and that most recently included creating a media package (feature documentary, photo collection and website) to aid Tibetan refugees, but has also worked as an undercover operative in Japan, Costa Rica and China for the Environmental Investigation Agency to document the illegal trade in wildlife. A collection of his work can be found on his website.

Daniel G. Stephens – Producer/Cinematographer

Daniel Stephens studied filmmaking in the early 1990’s at Loyola University (New Orleans) and the University of South Florida. Subsequently he decided that the best place to apply his storytelling skills was the booming new Internet security industry that blossomed in the mid 1990’s. Eight years later Daniel realized his mistake: filmmakers should make films, not firewalls. In 2000, Daniel left the company he co-founded to return to filmmaking.

In the intervening years, he has served as the Chief Lighting Technician and Director of Photography and producer for numerous music videos, commercials, and short and feature films. He is particularly inspired by the verisimilitude of the unpredictable and feels these moments are the foundation of exceptional storytelling.

Daniel is deeply passionate about the planet’s resources, both environmental and human. He is particularly engaged in the field of social justice and often works with non-profits specializing in this area to document their work and inform the general public about it through film and multi- media. His work with PopTech has taken him across the globe, from Nairobi to Haiti and from Iceland to the streets of Chicago to document and create stories of social change and social justice.

In 2008, Daniel founded the production company goodfocus, specifically to work with non-profits and sustainability-focused companies. As an early adopter of the B-corp structure, goodfocus’ bottom line is focused on social and environmental impact instead of financial return. This model, along with Daniel’s freelance work, enables goodfocus to produce films that shine a light on organizations that might otherwise lose the opportunity to document their work through film.

Most recently, Daniel shot the feature film, ‘Fix It Alexis’ directed by the incredible Elizabeth Spear in the delightful metrop of Austin, Texas. His documentary ‘There We Were,’ which tells the story of the recording of James Taylor’s latest album, ‘Before This World,’ was recently released worldwide. Daniel is currently preparing to shoot and the feature film ‘I Am John’, helmed by the incomparable Elizabeth Spear and is producing ’26 Words,’ a visual delight for future word geeks. He continues his work with both goodfocus and PopTech.

When not somewhere else, Daniel resides on the beautifully lit coast of Maine where he is a partner in the film production companies goodfocus, llc and General Films, LLC and a member of the faculty at Maine Media Workshops.

Erik Sulcs – Producer/Director

Erik Sulcs has 25 years of Video, TV and Film production experience that includes producing, writing and directing diverse and highly rated productions for clients such as CNBC, ESPN, ABC, CBS, FOX, Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel. Erik is excited to join the Storm Warriors team as a Producer-At-Large and looking forward to helping make the world a less cynical, and more compassionate place.

Credits include:

  • Special Olympics International, Washington, DC – Producer/Director, Online Coaching Series
  • Half Yard Productions, Bethesda, Maryland – Supervising Producer, American Loggers (Discovery)
  • Atlas Media Corp., New York, NY – Producer, Royal Inquest & Mystery EI (Discovery)
  • Zig Zag Productions, New York, NY – Supervising Producer, Redemption Song – Casting Special (FUSE)
  • RDF Media, New York, NY – Producer, Tough Jobs pilot (TruTV)
  • Original Media, New York, NY – Field Producer, StormChasers (Discovery)
  • Campfire Media, New York, NY – Supervising Producer, My Home 2.0 (FOX), 2008 – Story Producer, My Home 2.0 (Fox)
  • CNBC, Englewood Cliffs, NJ – Producer/Writer, High Net Worth, Fast Money, Millionaire Investing with Barbara Corcoran
  • CBS Paramount, New York, NY – Supervising Field/Post Producer, The Montel Williams Show
  • Granada Entertainment, New York, NY – Senior Field/Post Producer, Dallas S.W.A.T. & Kansas City S.W.A.T. (A&E)
  • Brave Street Productions, New York, NY – Producer, This Job’s A Trip (Travel Channel)
  • True Entertainment, New York, NY – Senior Producer, Whose Wedding is it Anyway? (Style Network)
  • New Line Television, Los Angeles, CA – Production Manager, Amish In The City (UPN Network)
  • Speedvision, Stamford, CT – Director, live broadcasts of various races and qualifying during 2000 Formula 1 season

Storm Warriors International pursues 5 Key Objectives:

  1. To find the active storms of our age
  2. To artfully craft their stories into authentic and varied forms of powerful telling
  3. To make these stories known on a global scale
  4. To inspire, encourage and facilitate response
  5. To witness and celebrate results, relief and rescue

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Our Purpose: To inspire people all over the world to compassionate, courageous, and selfless acts of rescue.