The World Needs Storm Warriors...Are you one?

Like bursting flares firing into the night...

...There are cries around the world that must be heard.

Clients And Supporters

SWI provides communications and media expertise in the form of media tools, strategies and consultation. SWI CLIENTS are those who directly benefit from these freely distributed products and services. This is where SWI expends resources.

SWI also provides access and opportunity for individuals, groups and organizations willing to support local, regional, national, and international humanitarian crises in want of aid, rescue and relief. These are SWI SUPPORTERS and they underwrite the costs to help clients tell their stories in order to generate greater awareness and increased support. This is where SWI gathers resources.

CLIENT and SUPPORTER distinctions may overlap on many fronts. Collectively, they are all recognized, valued and appreciated as STORM WARRIORS.

Storm Warriors International pursues 5 Key Objectives:

  1. To find the active storms of our age
  2. To artfully craft their stories into authentic and varied forms of powerful telling
  3. To make these stories known on a global scale
  4. To inspire, encourage and facilitate response
  5. To witness and celebrate results, relief and rescue

Storm Warriors is served by 4 types of SUPPORTERS

Supporters of Storm Warriors International support the locating and telling of the stories that mobilize rescuers and generate resources to specific and deserving causes. As a result, they give hope to the hopeless and voice to the voiceless.

Supporters also benefit themselves as they become inspired by the stories their support helps tell and often get involved in a variety of additional ways.

1. Foundations and Philanthropic Institutions/Organizations

2. For-Profit Business Corporations

3. Community Groups — Fraternal Organizations | Churches | Clubs

4. Individuals

Storm Warriors serves 3 types of CLIENTS

Clients are those deserving individuals and/or organizations that Storm Warriors directly supports via the provision of media tools and strategic support dedicated to achieving their selected and approved missions and objectives.


The shipwrecked. These include battered and raped women, orphaned and frightened children, and it includes any individuals, communities or ethnic groups caught in overpowering circumstances robbing them of hope and future such as special populations like returning war veterans struggling with PTSD and suicide.


But who need help to make their stories known. Storm Warriors International helps underwrite and execute the development of effective communication tools for their use. It maximizes their limited resources and contributes its own.


Those who long for deeper meaning and genuine fulfillment—those longing to contribute in meaningful ways, perhaps looking for a chance to give back. Storm Warriors International helps focus their attention upon authentic opportunities in want of help.

Featured Storm Warriors Videos

If you would like to comment on any of our videos and add your voice to the conversation, please be sure to check out the SWI YouTube channel. From there you can comment on, save, and share Storm Warriors videos!

Our Purpose: To inspire people all over the world to compassionate, courageous, and selfless acts of rescue.